7 Impressive Ideas For Saying Thank You To Wedding Guests

When it comes to your special day, you plan everything in style and definitely, you want to make sure that every single moment of your wedding becomes memorable for yourself and your loved ones. Well, if it is so, how can you ignore the thank you invites? Thank You Wedding Cards are indeed an awesome idea to say thank you to your wedding guests but, if you want to say Thank You in completely different way, here are some good and funny ways to say thank you.

Make a phone call


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7 Most Ever Best & Worst Celebrity Proposal Stories!!

Who makes the headlines? Celebrities off course!And, when they reveal their love stories by popping up that one romantic question, celebrities wedding news becomes even bigger. Studded with sparkly engagement rings, tears of joy and squeals of surprises, these proposals do have all the drama and glamour of a blockbuster movie. No matter if the most talked about proposals are best celebrity proposals or worst wedding proposals, they are remembered forever. If you also planning to pop up the question to your partner, here are some best celebrity proposals that you can look for.


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Top 7 South Africa Wedding Venues That Are exemplary

Wedding planning is a daunting task but, you do have the option to hire wedding planners for that. However, there is something more intimidating that wedding planning. Any guesses? Yes, we are talking about finding the right wedding venues for your wedding ceremony. Probably that’s the reason why we always try to suggest you the best wedding venues of various locations for you and this time we are focusing on South African weddings and here is our list of best South African Wedding Venues.

South Africa wedding venue

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Get inspired: 17 most romantic Valentine theme wedding ideas

Dream of a truly romantic wedding? If yes then, what could be more romantic than getting married on Valentine’s day. The day signifies love and romance and a wedding on valentine day will make it forever memorable. This lover’s holiday is the most perfect occasion to celebrate your wedding and a valentine day wedding is something to cherish lifelong. Moreover, a wedding anywhere in February should be celebrated as per Valentine’s theme as it would be really whimsical and fabulous. If you are planning to have a Valentine day wedding in 2018, here are some mesmerizing Valentine’s Day Wedding ideas you can try.

Romantic ideas for Valentine Day Wedding

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10 Wedding Venues Around Seattle Which are Perfect For Your Wedding

On the west coast of United States lies a beautiful seaport city famous for rainy weather, woodland surroundings, coffee & art and music scene. Indeed we are talking about the stunning city-Seattle, which is slowly becoming one of the preferred destinations for getting married.  Commonly known as emerald city, there is something lively and cultured about this place that makes it ideal for getting married at a wedding venue around Seattle. So, if you are looking for a perfect US wedding venue ideas, here is a list of all the places in and around Seattle that you can choose.10 Wedding Venues around Seattle are fantabulous

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