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Since the inception, A2Zweddingcards have been the synonym for reliability and trust for customers all across the globe. This famed online portal for wedding invitation cards has carved a niche for itself by entertaining the needs and requirements of the customers globally with effective customer support. It is known as a complete online website with marriage invitation cards to cater to all the segments and religion whether it is Hindu or Christian.

A2Z Wedding Cards

We at A2Zweddingcards, give high importance to customizable marriage cards to fulfill the needs of the client. At the same time, we believe in giving perfect start to a celebration so that it is remembered for years to come. The Indian wedding invitations are tucked with beautiful designs to connect every heart present at the marriage ceremony. The emotions are valued with impeccable textures as well to provide fabulous look to the invitation cards. It creates an aura which makes the celebration filled with glee and happiness.

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What is the best medium to invite Guest to wedding celebration?

wedding celebration

Marriage is a majestic celebration which always calls for the participation of all friends and relatives all across the globe because without their presence the whole event will be in complete. So, what is the best medium to invite the guest for the wedding ceremony so that the whole event becomes successful and memorable? The answer is wedding invitation cards and which will act as the best medium or mode to invite them for the festivity.

As it is known that the ceremony will be incomplete without the participation and blessings of the invited guests and marriage is something that all the friends and relatives look forward too as it the only time when everyone gets time to meet each other and celebrate the occasion. It is also a known fact that no one has ample time to meet as they have busy schedule and work load. Matrimonial ceremony is the time when they enjoy and are in complete mood of enjoyment. At the same time, they cherish the event which they celebrated together and the past is recreated.

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What are the top places to host a destination wedding in India?

taj mahal

Since ages, India has been the favorite for tourism and trade but since last five years it has gained the status of hosting weddings at specific places attracting people all across the globe. This scenario has not happen due to People from India but from other countries too as they are choosing India as their wedding destination. India has rich cultural diversity and the ancient culture attracts people from different countries. Although, there are many wedding destinations in various beautiful countries but still India is among hot favorites. The below mentioned list will surely confirm the why India has been the chosen one for wedding destination:

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Why do you need a wedding planner & how it makes your marriage blissful?


Planning a marriage always requires a lot of preparation and proper synchronization.  It is necessary and utmost important to plan it in a way so that everybody who is attending the wedding function can feel the difference and admire your effort of making it a wonderful event. So, now the question arises whether it is a single handed task or you need an expertise help in making the whole event blissful. The one of the easiest and best way is hiring a wedding planner to make the function more enjoyable and perfect in all respect. So, let’s go through some of the vital points which emphasis on why is it necessary to hire a wedding planner for the marriage function.

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