It’s all about love. Yes, we are talking about a romantic wedding on valentine’s day. While most of the people think about red and pink hearts for valentines day wedding style, we believe that the wedding ideas should be romantic to the extent that they could be utilized by any ‘couple in love’ for their wedding. In the zest of this romance, our valentines day wedding ideas will give you a feel of more love!

Valentines Day Wedding Ideas - A2zWeddingCards

Share your love

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Love inspires more love. If that holds true in your case too, you can share your love story with your wedding guests. You can use pictures for this or you can make a pre-wedding video that could be shared on your valentine day themed wedding. This romantic valentine day idea will set an aura of love.

Cupid invitation

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When we talk about valentine’s day, Cupid with bow and arrow is always talked about. For valentine’s themed wedding invitations, you could use cupid’s arrow along with a red vintage heart for detailing. The color palette needs not to be very vibrant, only this detailing would be enough.

Custom ring box

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Wedding ring matters a lot but, ring box also makes a huge impact. As Valentines Day Wedding Ideas, you could customize your ring box. A red velvet heart-shaped ring box with Mr. love or Mrs love engraved on it will be highly romantic.

Romantic lights for romantic mood

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Lights have the power to set the mood right. For Valentine’s day wedding, you could use lovely romantic lights to set the right tempo. Hanging candles and beautiful chandeliers could work wonders for your wedding.

Love letters

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Love letters are always romantic and we know you would agree with us on this. In place of signing the traditional guest books, you could ask your wedding guests to pass their well wishes by writing love letters in Mad Libs-style.

Love Space

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Agreed that it’s your wedding and it’s all about your love story but, you can give your wedding guests a chance to fall in love. A cosy lounge space with dim lighting and romantic music will help your wedding guests to find the love of their life. And, you never know someone may bless you for this valentine’s day themed wedding idea.

Kissing Booth

Valentines Day Themed Wedding 7 - A2zWeddingCards
You must have heard about photo-booth or video-booth but, Valentine’s Day Wedding Style needs extra. So, you could set up a kissing booth. Here, you could invite your couple guests to kiss each other and get clicked.

Welcome with love

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Weddings guests are handed welcome bags as a traditional practice. This practice could be modified for Valentine Day Wedding Ideas. You could give away umbrellas with beautiful love song written over it. Other than that, you could give heart-shaped bags with chocolates and confectioneries.

Red table accents

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We really can’t ignore the color red when we talk about Romantic Valentine Day Ideas. You could use the accents of this color on your reception tables. Other than that, a simple red rose in a glass vase will add more glamour to these tables.

Romantic exit

Valentine Wedding Theme 10 - A2zWeddingCards
Make your Valentine wedding super memorable by making a special romantic exit. You could use a red-hued vehicle for this. For this memorable getaway, the car could be decorated with red and pink flowers and matching ribbons.

Celebrate your Valentine wedding with us!