Summer Wedding Ideas - A2zWeddingCardsWarm-weathered nuptials are an absolute favourite for hell lot of people. And, there are various reasons to fall in love with summer weddings. From beautiful flowers to ample amount of light for photographs are just the two that are my personal favourites. The list is already too long but, here are some amazing summer wedding ideas that will make the list way longer.

1. Beautiful Poppies

Beautiful poppies - A2zWeddingCardsWalking down the aisle with beautiful poppy floral is among the list of best wedding inspiration for summer. These potted beauties could gel well with the natural hues of summer season and hence, you could decorate the aisle with them. These could also work for centrepieces.

2. Glowing Sparklers

Glowing sparklers - A2zWeddingCardsThe best part of summer wedding is no doubt the amount of light throughout the whole day and this gives you an opportunity to add some most amazing shots in your wedding photographs. Other than these, you can use glowing sparklers once the sun sets down. The photographs with sparklers will be even more amazing one.

3. Hydrating Agents

Hydrating agents - A2zWeddingCardsWedding in summer offers heat, sweat and fatigue, all these together really makes it a mess for wedding guests and you should definitely try to make them comfortable. For this sole reason only, you should arrange the stands of hydrating agents like sweet tea, lemonade and cucumber water in your wedding.

4. The Air

Weddings Umbrellas and Hand Fans - A2zWeddingCardsTo beat the scorching heat, you are already offering lemonade to your wedding guests. But, the Summer Wedding ideas suggest you to give some hand-fans and umbrellas to your guests. This will help you to make your wedding guests even more comfortable.

5. Trendy Sunglasses

Trendy sunglasses - A2zWeddingCardsOne of the best summer Wedding Inspirations is to give away the sunglasses to your wedding guests. Sunnies and goggles will soothe things for your guests and it could serve the purpose of wedding favours also.

6. Shade Shade

Wedding Natural Shads - A2zWeddingCardsYou definitely need shade in summer season and when it comes to wedding, it becomes even more necessary. You can find a shady space for your outdoor wedding, which has lots and lots of trees and greenery around it. Other than, a great backyard wedding will work as one of the best Summer Wedding ideas.

7. Rustic Mason Jars

Rustic mason Jars - A2zWeddingCardsYes, these are must for any summer wedding. It gives a completely rustic and great look to your wedding. You can place some beautiful poppies and summer flowers inside it to act as centrepieces. Other than this, the mason jars could be used to decorate other aspects of your wedding too.

8. Lighting Sensation

Lighting sensation - A2zWeddingCardsSummers offer the light for sure. But in the night for the perfect wedding shot, you can use decorative lights and simple lights in a creative manner. Other than that, only star and moon light with few tricks are good enough for some mind-blowing wedding photographs. And, what about sparkling lanterns, which can work wonders for you.

9. Fun Elements

Fun elements - A2zWeddingCardsWood signboards are easily available in summer season and you can use them wisely in your wedding for various purposes. Other than that, you can use flower garlands to decorate your reception chairs and bright and bold shades to give a bright ambience to your wedding venue.

10. Sweet Gesture

Sweet gesture - A2zWeddingCardsWow, awesome and yummy are just few words that could be used to describe this idea for Wedding in summer. You should offer sweet ice-creams to your wedding guests in summer. This will give them a sweet memory and a cool one too.