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The wedding invitation is a tricky subject. When you’re doing something for the first time, you ought to make mistakes. But you can always learn from others experiences. So, there is a lot of common wedding invitation mistakes that happen to be the major one in the invitation cards.

Deciding and finalizing the stationery is one of the important tasks of the wedding. It not only gives your guests a true glimpse of the festivity but also comprises of all the need to know information. So there are some things that need special attention before signing off those invites.  So, today A2zWeddingCards have come with a list of common wedding invitation mistakes that come across when couples get their wedding cards designed.

Mistake 1: Ensure the contact details are correct. Many times in hastily we tend to give wrong numbers. You may have just one number wrong, but that’ll make all the differences including the expensive reprinting of the wedding invitation.

common wedding invitation mistakes 1

Mistake 2: Don’t over order the invites. Printing cost is a fixed set-up, but its really expensive mistake to order too many invitations. If the guests are 150 on average a 100 cards would be sufficient to send. But to be on the safer side, add 10-15 spare cards on top of it.

common wedding invitation mistakes 2

Mistake 3:  Be careful with guest names. If they’re important enough to invite to the wedding then double check their spelling before you sign off the invites.

common wedding invitation mistakes 3

Mistake 4: Don’t mix too many colors. In fact, some basic neutral colors are preferred. A palette of three-to-five colors is in trend.

common wedding invitation mistakes 4

Mistake 5: Keep a strong check on ceremony location, though it is easy to overlook, it’s really important.

Mistake 6: Give time to the invitations. Take an ample of three-to-four months before finalizing the wedding cards as Assembling take time, if you’re doing by your own.

Mistake 7: Don’t make a mistake of choosing the same ink color and typestyle throughout the wedding ensembles. Keep it different for wedding, reception and ceremony.

Mistake 8: Make sure the quality of the paper is up to your standards and for that you should order a sample invitation before you finalize the bulk printing.

common wedding invitation mistakes 8

Mistake 9: Keep up with extra days of shipping time. Don’t keep things for last minute. Don’t plan things for last hour. If any problem or mistake happens, then you should have some extra time to fix it.

Mistake 10: Make sure you order extra envelopes. You will likely to make mistakes, so ordering extra would help you cope-up.

Mistake 11: Make sure to add exact time and date of the reception or ceremony in the wedding cards. Maximum of the to time, people forget to re-check the time and date of the day and the whole reprinting is redone.

Mistake 12: Keep the wording on the card crisp and informative. With a variety of options available at the A2zWeddingCards, For both grooms and bride’s side, the short wording is easy and attractive. Adding unnecessary information is a vague idea on wedding invitation cards.

Mistake 13: Beware of the typing mistakes. keep a strong check on the groom’s and bride’s name spelling, both of parents name spellings and other informative spelling.

Mistake 14: Keep extra cards for later additions. Don’t over-order but keep 10-15 spare for avoiding inconvenience.

Mistake 15: Don’t forget to put stamps on the response cards. It’s a stronger checker to arrange the further ceremonies according to the response you have received.

Mistake 16: To avoid the end time pay rush fee, hire the calligrapher soon when you finalize your stationeries. As this is the common wedding invitation mistakes that need not to be repeated by you.

Mistake 17: Don’t re-send or re-mail the invite to the already sent person who you know will not attend the wedding. It gives the “gift-grabbing” vibe and is a common wedding invitation mistakes.

Mistake 18: Avoid mentioning of gifts on the invites. You can add charitable giving information on it, but not gift registries.

Mistake 19: Try to be specific about writing “no children” or “adults only” on the cards. Don’t post on the outer envelope.

Mistake 20: Reference to alcohol service is not included in invitations. Of course, menu choices can be there on the response cards, but not on wedding invitation cards. It looks like a common wedding invitation mistakes.

These are the list of common fixing wedding invitation mistakes that are often made by the to-be-weds. We have listened maximum of them so that you don’t do it any. We hope this blog of ours help you not-do any mistake in your wedding. Share the opinion with us in the comment section below and do tell us the mistakes you did in your wedding.