If you are living an environment-conscious life, then it’s no surprise that you want your wedding to be eco-friendly as well. According to the latest trends, Green weddings are sprouting up as more and more couples are going for eco-friendly weddings.  If you are also an earth-friendly couple and also deeply care about the planet, then it’s a great chance to show off your values as green nuptials make all sense in the world. So, why not get married in an eco-friendly style and start planning a truly green celebration?

Eco-Friendly Wedding

Having an Eco-friendly wedding is the best way to save cost and reduce carbon footprints without compromising with your wedding style and enjoyment. You don’t have to cut back the style of your wedding. There is a lot more beautiful Eco-friendly ideas for all of your wedding requirements which will reduce the amount of waste generated by your wedding. These ideas will help you in showing the reflection of your Eco-conscious nature and treat the earth harmoniously.

Here are the things that will truly turn your wedding into a perfect green wedding-

Go for re-used and claimed wedding dress– To make a positive environment impact reused is the best key that conserves financial resources and also causes less pollution.  It’s a complete waste to spend thousands of dollars on a dress that you will hardly wear once.  The best way to have an eco-friendly dress is to buy a second hand one. You can also borrow it from any of your friend who is already married.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

Choose Green Wedding Invitations– Eco-friendly theme elegant wedding invitations plays the most crucial role in an eco-friendly wedding. For the environmentally conscious couple, recycled paper is an excellent choice for eco-friendly theme wedding invitations. The invitations printed on 100% recycled or tree-free paper will put a strong impact on your earth-friendly wedding. So, use a single card made from recycled material that contains all the details of your wedding.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation- A2zWeddingCards

Small & Sustainable Natural Backdrop– Say “I do” at some natural Eco-options like rooftop garden, city parks, backyards or forests that are perfect for giving a natural backdrop to your eco-friendly wedding.  These sustainable and green natural environment venues are the ones that require little decoration and also increase your environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

Grow Your Own Flowers– Using in-season and homegrown flowers for arranging the centerpieces and bouquets is a great way to go green when organizing your big day. You can also give potted plants to your wedding attendants as a thank you gift at the end of the wedding day.

Eco-Friendly Wedidng- Orgnaic Flowers

Organic Food, Cake & DIY Favors– Go green with local and sustainable food and favors made from organic ingredients. Using homemade jam and chocolates as the favors is a great idea that will also give a personal feel to your wedding. You can also have miniature cakes, candies and dessert buffets as the wedding desserts.

Eco-friendly Wedding- Food and Favors

Eco-Friendly Décor & Re-used Household Items– Reusing the household items in your wedding décor with the little creativity is the best way to make it a green wedding. You can incorporate beautiful organic flowers or homegrown flowers in your wedding décor. DIY Cupcake Stands Made from Old Plates and Vases, Paper Garlands Made from Old Maps or Recycled Paper are some perfect materials for your Eco-friendly decor.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Decor and Centrepieces

So, get creative and explore your household items to make your wedding earth-friendly. This will be the best way to keep your planet clean at the same time as you tie the knot!

Happy Green Wedding !!