When it comes to your special day, you plan everything in style and definitely, you want to make sure that every single moment of your wedding becomes memorable for yourself and your loved ones. Well, if it is so, how can you ignore the thank you invites? Thank You Wedding Cards are indeed an awesome idea to say thank you to your wedding guests but, if you want to say Thank You in completely different way, here are some good and funny ways to say thank you.

Make a phone call

Writing Thank you invitations are old fashioned but, they are indeed the best way to say thank you to your wedding guests. With this, do make a phone call to your wedding guests as it would be too personal and they are going to love it.

Use props

One of the awesome ideas to say Thank You is writing ‘Thank You’ on props and using personal notes and adding it to your photo. You can later send these photographs to your wedding guests. This would also allow you to customize your wedding thank you cards.

Different language

When it comes to funny ways to say thank you, nothing could beat the idea of using different languages. You can write the Thank you cards in different language and your wedding guests would try hard to find the meaning of the language you have used.

Make treats to say Thank you

Backing up the thank you invites with personal treats is a great and awesome ideas to say thank you. You can either bake cookies or make something special and send it to your wedding guests along with the thank you cards.

Create a photo book

Well, this can be the best idea for saying thank you to your wedding guests. In place of using Thank you wedding invitations, you can create a mini-book of photos for your wedding guests which could include their pics throughout your wedding ceremonies.

Banners with pics

If you want to spice up the funny ways to say Thank you, you can use banners in different colors and designs. Keep things simple and hold this banner while a picture of the newly wed couple is clicked. You can send this photograph to your wedding guests to say thank you.

Make an article from baby craft kit


There are lot of baby craft kits available in the market that could turn into beautiful and Awesome Ideas to Say Thank You. This is easy and it could make an everlasting impression on your wedding guests.