Weddings are the most celebrated occasion of anyone’s life and everyone want to make this occasion truly memorable by reflecting their own personal style. For this, you need to ascertain that everything in your wedding is absolutely according to your choice but, the most important thing that imbibes all the glamour in your wedding is a perfect wedding colour scheme. For 2017, here are 7 most popular wedding colour schemes for you to choose from.


Electic - Wedding Colour Schemes

For creating this awesome wedding colour scheme, you have to blend the beautiful shades of custom orange, Monaco, carnation and rainforest. These chic colours are so elegant and graceful that they fit perfectly well for wedding in any season throughout the year. To keep the overall look contemporary, blend these colours in the form of graphic prints, sleek style details and clean lines.


Multicolor - Wedding Colour Schemes

The more colours you have for your wedding, the more cheerful aura you would be able to set for your wedding. Whimsical weddings can be created with multiple colours blending in right amount and proportions. This wedding season, colorful wedding invitations is becoming quite a rage and to match these, you can opt for a wedding colour scheme that is full of various colours.


Heavenly - Wedding Colour Schemes

When marriages are made in heaven, why not to choose a wedding colour scheme straight from heavens? A combo of peach, green and gold is the one that can make your wedding as heavenly as possible. This wedding colour scheme is perfect for any outdoor summer wedding theme.


Mosaic - Wedding Colour Schemes

If you don’t want to go too bold or overboard and still wants to make your wedding stunning, the combination of custom blue, classic gray, custom violet and butter is meant only for you. This exiting and modern colour scheme showcase a perfect sophistication for any kind of wedding and you really need not to try too hard to pull it up.


Bliss - Wedding Colour Schemes

When we talk about bliss, we talk about real bliss. Blend the beautiful cinnamon, beige and yellow colour for a perfect wedding theme colour scheme and you would realize what kind of bliss we were talking about. Perfect for a lakeside or beachside wedding, this colour combination will leave your wedding guests spell bounded and happy.


Blushing - Wedding Colour Schemes

Want to have delicate and romantic colour scheme for your wedding? This one is perfect for you. Blend custom sugar, custom blush, custom tan and white colour in right proportions and you have got it. This colour combination will suit classic vintage to elegant weddings with all their beautiful, elegant and harmonious charm.


Magical - Wedding Colour Schemes

If you are free-spirited and want to show your true reflection in your wedding, blend plum, white, champagne and custom turquoise. The gentle hue balances the bold purple and provides a subtle balance that looks super stunning and eye soothing. Adding a little bit of green colour imparts a whole together magical ambience in your overall wedding.

These are our set of amazing wedding theme colour schemes for this year. If you find something more interesting than this, share the cheers with us.