Coolest Wedding Themes - A2zWeddingCardsYou are unique, your life partner is unique and everything in your life is unique too. If this sounds true to you, you would love to select one of the unique wedding themes for your wedding. The cyberspace is undoubtedly full with a wide range of wedding theme ideas but, all of them are quite outdated. So for you only, we have compiled some crazy, unique and coolest wedding themes 2016.

The Adventure Trip Wedding Theme
The adventure trip wedding theme - A2zWeddingCards
Well, this is one of the Coolest Wedding Theme Ideas. After all, the wedding itself is an adventure trip of a lifetime. You can add plenty of fun factors in your wedding for a cheerful twist. The geeky chic feel could be achieved with an innovative map designed creative wedding invitations, amazing hot air balloon style cake toppers, the playful range of food and snacks and various other adventure trip related details in your wedding for a perfect wedding theme.

Lego-Themed Wedding
Lego Themed wedding - A2zWeddingCards
Everything in these creative wedding themes will look whimsical and too colourful. Lego is so colourful that this theme in your wedding will surely bring a lot of colours in your dream wedding too. Bright coloured decoration, Lego characters on wedding dresses and accessories, various colours splashes on food, Lego inspired wedding cake and other Lego-inspired details in your wedding.

Jenga Wedding Theme Ideas
Jenga Wedding Theme Ideas - A2zWeddingCards
I still love playing this game as it is quite a smart game. You can add the concept of this game in your unique wedding themes. The blocks of Jenga can be utilised throughout the wedding venue as photo booth prop, wedding signboards, guest book, and a lot other. The cake could be designed as Jenga game and other minute details in your wedding could be inspired by this for an awesome fun.

Zombie Theme For The Wedding
Zombie theme for the wedding - A2zWeddingCards
Walking with the undead is the latest trend in wedding theme collections. The Zombie themed wedding is quirky, unique and total fun that will make your dream wedding a memorable one. Classy zombie makeup for bride, groom, bridesmaid and groomsmen will give a character to your overall wedding. The wedding cake, invitation and other details can confidentially carry the zombie theme to give a lifetime memory to everyone.

Paper Art Wedding Theme
Paper art wedding theme - A2zWeddingCards
This wedding theme was prevalent in wedding themes 2015 and it is in trend this year also. Paper art helps you to craft various interesting stuffs. These interesting things could help you to decorate your wedding venue, wedding dresses, reception tables and invitation cards for sure. Other than these, you can use paper art in other details of your wedding also. The fun part of this theme is that you can craft a big paper flower in place of the whole bridal bouquet.

Minions Wedding Theme
Minions Wedding Theme - A2zWeddingCards
Who won’t love this one? Your small wedding guests, adult wedding guest and you, yourself would immediately fall for these unique wedding ideas. For this, you can utilise the blue and yellow colour scheme throughout the wedding. Brides can mix a bright pop of yellow colour in their wedding outfit by wearing a pair of yellow heels. Lemon cupcakes, minion-inspired wedding decoration and most importantly black-yellow wedding cake with minion cake topper will be more than amazing for your dream wedding.

Quirky Movie Wedding Theme
Quirky movie wedding theme - A2zWeddingCards
There are various crazy weddings which inspire anyone to choose them as their wedding theme. But, you could utilise the word “movie” itself as your creative wedding themes. You can add cameras, lights and action zeal in your wedding for a most amazing scenario. The wedding proceedings can be inspired by the shoot of a wedding and this will be just a wow factor.