While there are a few who fritter their lives in dreaming a luxurious and royal wedding yet, there is another chunk of the populace who choose a different route to celebrate their Big Day in unique style. Rustic Weddings is one among such sui generis wedding inspirations.


Wildflowers, Cool breeze and serene water; every element of nature dances in its original look and form!  These romantic rudiments requires no makeup, they look magnificent even without the man made touch ups. So are you ready to jubilate your wedding in the lap of nature? Out of the many, here are a few tips and ideas you can implicate in your wedding:

Don’t worry about the “How?”

It is often observed that the couples know what they actually want in their wedding, they have a complete idea about it but how to implement becomes a troublesome task. So wipe the sweat on your forehead, have confidence in yourself and take a deep breath. Now sit back and explore the web! Internet is the best guide to answer your queries, search vendors and wedding planners who can help you in coming out of the dilemma and celebrate a dreamy Rustic Wedding.


Begin your preparation by planning the design, color and wordings of your Rustic Wedding Invitations. Your rustic wedding invitation will give the first impression about your wedding your guests, don’t overlook it and put on your thinking cap and decide what all you want in your Rustic Wedding Invitation.

A Barn (Gorgeously decked up and illuminated)

This will not only save your money but will also add an unforgettable fun-filled memory into your D-Day. Rough textures of natural woods will aid in providing you the bests of photographs. The effects of rural life and farmland are again going to create an entrancing ambiance in your wedding day. Running behind each other inside the barn should certainly be captured well by the photographer.


Aisle Decoration

A staple wooden aisle is sure to be an adorable component of your wedding. Moreover, if the wood has been carved with some designs or text, it will further look more stimulating. Add mason jars into your list to get the complete feel of a countryside wedding. Mason jars painted in rich hues looks splendid along with bunches of handpicked wildflowers. Candlesticks can be another pick to bring in that rustic touch to your wedding. But don’t keep them unrefined; spruce them up with some flowers and laces to catch the eyes of your delighted guests.


For the seating arrangements

Rustic Wedding chair signs are a good nice way to express your love for the countryside. Scroll the net to explore more creative ideas to do the same. Of course for the guest, wooden chairs on the grasses to make them realize they have landed on a proper Rustic Wedding.

Rustic-wedding arrangements-a2zweddingcards

Goodbye in Rustic Style

During the final see off, gift your guests a rustic handbag as a token of gratitude towards their benign presence on your Big Day. I am sure your guest will love it and will cherish it throughout.


So how excited are you for a wedding that screams “Rustic”?