adorable flower girl

Cute little girls who scatter flower petals for you down the aisle are the flower girls and while every couple try to find unique and the most creative ideas pertaining to the wedding theme, wedding color, wedding venue and everything else, they often ignore these fancy little girls who still wear the same puffy white dresses paired with satin ballet flats. However, it’s time to be a little innovative and make your flower girls enjoy a little limelight and to do this, all you need to do is read this interesting blog.

Flower Girl Dresses

Gone are the day when puffy white dresses were ideal for flower girls. With changing wedding trends, it is time to experiment with flower girl dresses also. You can add more colors to the dresses and make sure that they are embellished enough to let them look like a cute little princess walking down the aisle.

Give Them A Little More Importance

Though, it is not at all trendy to send special invites to the flower girls but, you can start this new trend in the wedding market. So, you can buy little add-on cards along with your floral wedding invitations and invite your flower girls separately for the occasion. With the invites, add some chocolates to let them feel little more important.

Floral Crowns

Changing the flower girls’ dresses alone would not work any wonder if you don’t try to find a unique flower girl hairstyle. If you fail to do so, add a floral crown made up of seasonal flowers to do the trick for you. You can also add floral tiaras or cute little beads to make the flower girl hairstyles more amazing.

Furry Friend

If you love your pet enough that you want it to be part of your wedding, it is the time to do this with our biggest flower girl idea of letting your flower girl walk down the aisle with your furry friend. This would keep her entertained while assuring that you kill two birds with one stone.

Add The Boots

Replace the old flower girl ideas of wearing ballet shoes by letting your cute little girl wear long boots. Let the length and style of boot be the choice of the girls alone. Why to leave the choice of boots on them? Well, a comfortable pair of boot would let them enjoy while an uncomfortable pair of shoe will spoil their day.

Fairy Wings

Little girls are cute no matter if they are flower girls or not. In fact, they are so cute that they look pretty much like little angels. Want them to look a little more magical, add cute fairy wings to their pretty flower girl dresses and this is it. With a fairy stick in the hand and flower basket, you have no idea how cute they would look.

Themed Attires

If you have set a wedding theme for your D-day, you have to make sure that all your details match perfectly with it even the flower girls too. For this reason, the best flower girl ideas include dressing up your flower girl absolutely right in matching dresses with your wedding theme or wedding color.

Let The Cuteness Spread

Agreed that it’s your wedding and you are the one who should feel special but, when the cuteness spreads, the smile automatically spreads. To let the cuteness, overtake your whole wedding venue, you can play their favorite nursery rhymes when they spread the flower petals on your aisle. You never know what their cute reaction would be and how much smiles would be spread among all your wedding guests.

Dancing Cuties

Flower girls are cute and the cutest flower girl ideas would be to let them dance their hearts out. When they would dance, they would look cuter and hence, it would bring lots of cheers and happiness for your wedding ceremony. Moreover, a happy wedding ceremony assures you to have a blissful wedding life.

How About Chocolates

Flower girls traditionally means the girls who spread flowers down the aisle but, you can use a unique flower girl idea of letting them distribute chocolates among your wedding guests while they spread the flower petals on the wedding aisle. Though, we cannot assure you if they would distribute the chocolates among the guests or save it for themselves.