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An invitation card plays the most crucial part in any style of the event and it becomes necessary to decide the right anatomy of invitations to assure that you have the best one for your event. But in most of the cases, everyone forgets to pay any attention towards this and make the invitation a casual thing. You can add a charm in your invitation if you just check out all the details listed below.

Important Elements of Wedding Invitations

a.    The Outermost Envelope

Outher Most Envelope - A2zWeddingCards

On the first line of this envelope, you can mention the names of both the members of a married couple.

b.    The Inner Envelope

Inner Envelope - A2zWeddingCards

On the front of the inner envelope, you can write the names of the entire recipient. It is usually unsealed.

c.    The Invitation

The Invitations - A2zWeddinCards

After talking so much about the anatomy of the invitations, you actually encounter the invitation, which is placed in the inner envelope in such a way that printed side face the back of the envelope.

d.    Direction Guidance

It is the best wedding invitation etiquette to include the directions or map of your wedding venue in the invitation card. This makes it easier for your wedding guests to come down.

e.    RSVP Cards

RSVP Cards - A2zWeddingCards

While you search the whole wedding invitation suite components, you should select the best RSVP card for your wedding. This will help you knowing who all are actually attending your ‘big day’.

After letting you know the important elements of an invitation, which are basic of invitation anatomy. Here are some the remaining details of the Anatomy of invitations.

Mails are quite common these days. So for casual events, you are allowed to use a mail as the invitation. However, special events should be announced with beautiful paper invitations.

If you are really worried about what to include in the wedding invitation, lets us suggest that you should include all who are invited to your party? Who are host? What is the invitation all about? Why are you throwing this party? When and where the party is organised? And, include the details about the theme. We would suggest you to make a wedding invitation checklist before actually ordering your invitation cards.

Whenever you send an invitation to anyone, make sure that you clearly specify who all are invited in your event. Write-in the card in the name of the family specify that you are inviting everyone in the family, whereas writing the name of the couple mentions that you are inviting only two of them.

If you have to make important preparation for your event and that will be based on the number of people attending your function, you should make sure that you have all the important wedding invitation suite components in your package. You should send first of all send the ‘Save the Date’ cards in advance to give enough time to decide and then you should send the RSVP cards, so that everyone can let you know if they are coming or not. Make sure that the timing of these cards is appropriate.

The invitation wordings do play a very important role in dragging your guests to the event. Other than the anatomy of wedding invitations, you should make sure that your Wedding Invitation checklist includes the details of the wordings also. Right words will make sure that everyone is present on your auspicious occasion.