For some couples desiring to get married in Bali style have a question in mind, how to plan for a Bali garden wedding that is unique and distinctive from other couples. To help you in proper planning of the whole event, we are going to offer you some deep insight on various expense segments that are related to wedding in Bali.


You will find details about the budget that is required to celebrate the whole function along with the expenses that will happen on your special day. In case you purchase a complete wedding package, then numerous services, for example, cost related to the priest, décor and wedding venue will be included in the package. Usually such kind of wedding packages is non-customizable and you will almost have no or little control over the financial plan for your Bali garden wedding.

Destination based wedding Package- Be cautious while comparing different packages in light of the fact that these packages will differ in terms of the services because some might have less services. For instance, one package might have cosmetics & hair styling included in and another may not. On the other hand services, for example, photography might be altogether different from other wedding package. It is very much possible that some might provide photographers for your wedding function, others might not.  Selecting the ideal package is highly important as it might derail your total budget along with the preferences.


A few chapels/hotels try to offer some cheap looking packages and after you purchase that particular deal they try to sell some more services that you might not need for your special day. It is highly advisable from our side to purchasing a destination based wedding Package by asking questions that give you all the clarity about the deal and most of things gets included in it.

Number of guests- Your highest expense will on the number of guests attending your big day. The total cost related to beverage and food will be the largest segment in your budget for a wedding in Bali. You must try to keep the list to a minimum of 30 to 40 guests that are more important that includes your family members and close friends. It is very possible to give a party in your own city later to the remaining guests.


Type of wedding venue- In case, you select a chapel for the wedding ceremony, it is preferable to arrange the dinner/reception outside because this can you in saving a lot of money. In case, you have a friend then it’s advisable to ask him/her to visit the venue before hands to have a clear idea about the services available in that hotel or chapel. This minimizes any kind of problem later on with respect to the facilities and other aspects.