With the summer season just close at hand, we’re unable to help but imagine days at the beach. We can imagine it now, basking in the sun, waves crashing on the horizon, and toes in the sand. There’s something incredibly beautiful in the ocean, so it’s no surprise that beaches are an extremely sought-after wedding spot. If you’re planning your location wedding on a remote island or deciding to say “I will you” on a tiny, private beach in your town, There’s nothing more thrilling than getting married at the beach.

But the planning of a beach wedding will require some effort. There are some extra things to be aware of, from weather conditions to permits to dress code in the wedding planning process. This is why we’re here to assist you in making your dream wedding on the beach come true, this beach wedding checklist will make sure that your wedding is a success!

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Steps For Planning A Beach Wedding

Step 1. Create A Wedding Budget

Like any wedding, coming up with the budget that is suitable for you and your spouse is the first step to consider. It will help you determine where you will spend your money and is a major aspect of your chosen location. It is good that using the beach tends to be less expensive than traditional wedding venues.

If you’ve got the cash to put into an oceanfront home, it’s an option that will give the address you can put for the invitations. Many of these venues arrange the entire weddings for you and take the guesswork out. But, it comes with an increase in price. If you’re trying to save money, tie your knot on the beach may be the most suitable option. If weddings are held on a private beach, your money will be mainly for permits and d├ęcor. In the end, it will save thousands.

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Step 2. Pick Your Location

Beaches are everywhere around the globe. They range from Hawaii to The Bahamas to Fiji; there are many options. They’re all stunning in their own unique way. When deciding which beach is most suitable for you, think about places that are special for you and your spouse.

If you’re open in regards to the location you’re considering, consider the kind of wedding venue you’re seeking. Explore the hotels, Airbnbs, public beaches, and our site to discover options that you’re happy with. There are great choices everywhere, but they might not be the right fit for your ideals.

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Step 3. Research The Weather And Choose A Date

If you think of an outdoor wedding, you probably envision summertime. This is often the scenario. But, it’s crucial to know the weather conditions for the location you’re planning to. The final thing you’ll want to do is reserve an affordable hotel after you’ve discovered a great deal but then discover it’s in the middle of the hurricane season. Once the hurricane strikes your wedding, it’s canceled, and your guests may not be there. It’s the same for the rainy season. Although a bit of rain will doesn’t hurt anyone but it’s important to have a backup plan in case you are aware of the possibility of an occurrence.

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Step 4. Get Necessary Permits

If you’re not getting married at a private property, you’re likely to require authorization to marry in the ocean. Go through the town’s regulations to determine what’s required for bigger events. Do you think it’s a hassle? It’s more work! This is why hiring a wedding organizer who can handle every aspect for you is a great investment.

Step 5. Have A Backup Plan For Poor Weather

If you’re not sure that there’s no single possibility of rain, which is very unlikely-having an emergency plan is essential. This is why you should make additional room in your allowance for tents, or other reception and ceremony inside alternatives.

Wedding Etiquette for Beaches

When is the best time to send save-the-dates?

If the beach you choose needs to be traveled by your guests, the sooner you notify them, the more efficient. This will allow them to make reservations for hotels, flights, leave work, and budget for the travel. Ideally, you should send out these save-the-dates at least six months prior to the date.

Do you require booking hotels and flights for guests?

There is no financial responsibility for the guests’ accommodations, travel arrangements, or meals during the travel. However, having an accommodation block in a hotel prior to the trip will allow them to arrange their accommodations and is greatly appreciated. This will ensure that they’re close to the venue and that they’re getting the best price possible.

We recommend identifying the most efficient ways to get there and back, car rental firms in the area, and water ferry services should you require. This is particularly helpful for those who live in remote areas.

What should you say to your guests to wear?

While beach weddings typically have a relaxed and casual look for guests however, the dress code of your wedding is completely your choice. Whatever style of dress you select, you must clearly state the dress code on your invite. It is a good idea to put this information up the information on the wedding web page to make it easy for guests to access it can help guests avoid having to ask for it repeatedly. It isn’t a good idea to hear complaints from guests who arrive in high heels, only to sink into the sand for the whole time.

If you are planning to hold the whole wedding, ceremony and reception outdoors, you should consider providing sunglasses, sunscreen and flip-flops as gifts. So, they will be prepared in case they forget to bring them.

Planning A Beach Wedding Tips


As with similar to your guests dress code Your wedding day outfit is up to you. But if you know that it’s likely to be warm and with lots of sunshine, you might want to wear lighter fabrics like tulle, chiffon, or organza. In the event that you’re sporting a dress, think about a suit that is linen and lighter in color than beige.

In the event that you’re sporting makeup to apply sunscreen underneath your foundation as well as waterproof mascara. However when you hire an makeup professional already knows these tricks and will make sure that you’re wedding-ready the wedding.


Beaches are really blank in terms of decorations. Do not feel pressured to choose a tropical theme if it’s not your wedding’s vision. If you’ve always wanted an eclectic wedding or more modern or sleek look, you can go with it.

If there’s a chance of winds, stay away from decorations which can easily blow away. Make sure to weigh down the programs prior to the ceremony , or allow an usher to pass the programs out. If it’s an island with a lot of rain showers that are scattered Be sure to have wooden or acrylic seating since it’s easy to clean down following a storm.

Don’t forget to turn on the speakers. As opposed to a ballroom, or another indoor location, you’re bound be surrounded by background noise during the beach for a wedding. Make use of microphones during the ceremony to ensure that you don’t have to shout and keep the DJ’s or live music throughout the duration.

Beach Wedding Dining Options

If you’re hoping to make your ceremony more authentically to the destination, you should choose the menu which reflects the destination. For instance, you could serve tacos, enchiladas and margaritas  if you are getting married in Tulum . If your wedding is in Hawaii then you can serve rice, pork as well as mai tais. The choice of food that is as authentic to your locale can make your guests feel as if they’re immersed in the tradition as much as they can and appreciate the place more.