Recently, I got a view “people see having their wedding blogged as a justification to its success”. I am still wondering is it really a validating point for a successful wedding, hope someone will comment on my post, enlightening me about the same. I think it’s a craze rather a validating point or aspect for a wedding success. Taking into consideration the bride and groom, brides are under more pressure to make their wedding “Bloggable”. With the rise of wedding blog’s all across the globe, has created a ripple to make every wedding Bloggable, to attain its success and glory.

The word “craze and competition” goes hand in hand with this context.  Earlier, planning a fairytale wedding was so simple and easy in which you look for a handsome groom, spend the big chunk of money and live happily ever after.

But the notion has transformed the same simple planning into competitiveness and contest, to make the ordinary looking marriage into a Bloggable one. It deals with any form of wedding maybe its whimsical, vintage, eco-friendly or even a DIY wedding style. Many brides hope their efforts will be rewarded with the ultimate accolade of Bloggable wedding. This trend is people buy fancy stuff to make it enough unique and elegant so that it comes into the wedding blog category. The wedding planning is dependent on various factors including venue, decoration, wedding cakes, and most relevantly fancy stuff to give it a unique look.

Nowadays, people are hiring a professional wedding planner by a substantial amount of money to plan a dream wedding. Every marrying couple believes wedding day is the best and most memorable day in one’s life, so couples keep aside a big chunk of the amount to hire a wedding professional.  The main reason behind this is to give a special look to the wedding ceremony, so that people who are going to attend the marriage find it different from the other people. At the same time, various vendors provide services like transportation, floral decoration, catering service and many more to add finesse to the whole event.

So, a question arises in my mind whether you are getting married to just for show-off, where is all the element of love and happiness between two hearts which truly signifies a wedding function. Well it is a very debatable topic and people perceive marriage from different-different angles.

Hope this post gives you a fair idea on how the wedding celebration has transformed in the recent times.   #WeddingPlanner