Selecting the theme for your ceremony is a huge task for every bride and groom before planning their wedding celebration. Whatever you choose, whether it wedding favors or the flowers, everything has to be perfect in all respects. So, to act as a helping hand for your unique day, we are offering some great Blush and ivory wedding ideas.  The location of your function and the theme you use are going to be the most two important components that give a distinguished look to the ceremony. If you choose, blush pink, ivory or peach for your marriage, then below mentioned tips can surely add a lot of glamor and sparkle to your celebration.



Many marriage guests perceive the color scheme of a wedding is based on the blossoms. You can always find various types of flowers like gardenias, tiger lilies and roses in blush pink, ivory and peach shades. To make a wedding bouquet, you can arrange a few distinctive kinds of blooms in the similar shade or with different colors. At the same time, you can use pale color that can add more glamor and shine through peach colored creations.



As a blush pink, ivory and peach are perfect wedding colors that you that can be used for different types of decorations in the venue. You can use Tulle that is a light weighted net-like material that is available in distinctive shades and might be utilized at table centerpieces or at the ends of church pews. For an outdoor wedding, huge potted plants or little trees with new flowers can be chosen for the perfect decor of the venue. At the same time, your centerpieces can have big glass vases with hydrangea, ivory roses, and highlight them with Aborigine dianthus as the stems of the bases to give a wonderful look to the ivory blossoms. At the same time, for smaller centerpieces it can be enriched with a strip of vintage ribbon. A mixture of candles, jars and other beautiful items like pearls and ribbon doilies can be utilized on the extra tables.



The colors such as blush pink, ivory and peach can be used into for wedding dresses. Obviously, the boutonniere or cummerbund can regularly showcase the color scheme of your wedding color. At the same time, you search for unpretentious hues to intensify the shades of your wedding, for example, your bridesmaids can use the hoops in blush pink, the mother of the bride can go for peach colored shawl and the father of the bridegroom can use an ivory colored tie or coat.


Wedding Favors

If you prefer a traditional look, then go for chocolates, potpourri bags, keepsake boxes, candles and other gifts that are wrapped in blush pink, peach or ivory colored paper. At the same time, you can also use this type of colors for showcasing the real theme of your wedding ceremony.

So, the above mentioned tips and ideas can surely help you in having a wonderful wedding celebration.