“Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it.”

There are a lot of our dreams and achievements where champagne adds glamour and charisma to the ambiance. Incorporate champagne into your wedding theme along with the fragment of romantic emerald. Champagne and emerald green can be a great combination to beautify your wedding. Here are a few Champagne and Emerald Wedding Ideas through which you can add this brilliant amalgamation into your wedding:

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Towering Champagne Tower

Champagne tower is a symbol of royalty and aristocracy. And if you are having a Champagne Wedding, you definitely can’t keep this out of your list. To reflect the creative side of you, add a clipart image of champagne tower on your green Emerald Wedding Invitation and lend an impressive statement in front of your guests.

Dress and Accessories

While you have a set decided white gown and no scope for experiment, you bridesmaids can definitely put on a lot many things to signify the theme of Champagne and Emerald Wedding. Emerald green bridesmaid dresses, emerald green high heels, emerald green tiara and emerald green earrings are all your bridesmaids need to complement you and your beauty on the Big Day.

Craft with the champagne corks

Do you know champagne corks can be used as classic card holders? Get inspired from the YouTube tutorials of DIY and plan something unique with the collection of champagne corks. Isn’t it an ultimate example of best out of waste?

Champaegne-and-emrald-wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Centerpieces are quite obvious

Obviously it’s a Champagne and Emerald Wedding, put on an emerald green bucket of ice on the table and place green colored champagne bottle in it. Trust me these fine finishing touches are very noticeable and will bring you plethora of compliments and praises to your nicely planned wedding.

Hang the emerald chandeliers up

Bring in lights to your wedding with the emerald green chandelier. The chandelier will not only complement your wedding theme but will also illuminate the entire space thus, spend a few bucks in making it a part of your majestic Champagne and Emerald Wedding.

Nobody can be unhappy with a balloon!

Let the balloons do the rest of the decorations. Paper lanterns and big balloons in the shades of emerald green will jazz up the entire wedding hall. Emerald green is such a pleasant color to illuminate your wedding hall with. Do you according to the sciences, green is known to create a balance between the head and the heart?

Champaegne-and-emrald-wedding - A2zWeddingCards

Here’s to the scrumptious cake

It’s your wedding, incorporate everything that looks beautiful. Order an emerald green wedding cake with the topping of champagne; moreover add a bit of bubbly artwork around the cake to get the complete look-feel of the Champagne and Emerald Wedding theme.

Toothsome Delight…..

You are serving wine a few these things just can’t be missed- appetizing cheese, whipped cream and champagne gelatin. Add them all in your wedding suite and get direct blessings from the tummy’s of your guests. Your wedding shall then be remembered since many more and more coming years…..

Take home Goodies

Gift a pack of goody with a bottle of wine and a few champagne flavored bubblegum to mark the end in a stylish way. Must say if you do them all in your wedding, the one who are not coming will suffer a great lose!

A very happy wedding couple! Don’t drink toooo much….