Basking in the sun, barefoot in the sand, exchanging vows at a beach and so on, there are enormous possibilities waiting for you on the Destination weddings. Well, we know that these are the possibilities. So? Oh okay!! You want to know the reasons to plan one. The list is too long. But, saving on decor, quality time with loved ones, limiting the guest list and starting an early honeymoon are few worth mentioning. Commendable, isn’t it?  Now, you seem fascinated with the idea of Destination weddings but, perplexed with the thought that it will be too expensive. Moreover, finding the right Wedding location will not be that easy. Can you really forget us? As usual, we are here to help you with all your wedding worries. This time, we will help you with cheapest wedding locations around the world, which will help you to plan your Destination wedding.

1.    Dominican Republic
Cheapest Wedding Locations - Dominic Republic - A2zWeddingCards
The second largest Caribbean island, Dominican Republic is one of the most affordable beach wedding locations. So, if you intend to take your wedding vows at a romantic, fabulous beach then, you need not give even a second thought. During the offseason of Dominican Republic, it’s easy to grab some exclusive wedding packages and planners in various all-inclusive resorts.  The most popular destination of DR is Punta Cana, which has some of the best beaches in the world along with some remarkable resorts offering the cheap wedding packages.

Try this place for an awesome beach wedding, you will simply love it!

2.    Aspen, Colorado
Cheapest Wedding Locations - Aspen Colorado - A2zWeddingCards
Situated in a distant area of the Rocky Mountains’ Sawatch Range & Elk Mountains, Aspen in Colorado offers the most amazing mountain wedding destination. Why plan a wedding here? Gosh, there are ‘n’ numbers of reasons for that but; the natural beauty and rustic charm along with posh amenities are the prime reason to select this place for your destination wedding.  Other than this, as a cheap wedding location, the place has various affordable mountain lodges and resorts to say ‘I do’.

And, the best part is that the place will keep your entire guests occupied. While the outdoor enthusiast will be busy with the thrills of mountains and valleys, the indoor lovers will be entangled by the high-end shops and swank restaurants. This will eventually leave some private space for you ‘both’.

3.    Grosseto, Italy
Cheapest Wedding Locations - Grosseto Italy - A2zWeddingCards
The capital city of the Province of Grosseto in Italy, Grosseto is a perfect place for all the wine lovers as the place has some most exquisite vineyards of the world. So if you are a wine lover too, you can convert your Destination wedding into a winery wedding at this place.  And trust us, the place is affordable too. The cheapest wedding location in Grosseto is L’andana in the Maremma region. The place has lush gardens, sunlit country-chich rooms, seaside hills, centuries-old olive trees, private terra-cotta chapel and neoclassical garden. Planning your wedding at this place will give you unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

Hey! We forgot to mention the delicious wedding feast including local wines to make your day.

4.    Ireland, Europe
Cheapest Wedding Locations - Ireland England - A2zWeddingCards
Along with a destination wedding, you also want to have a ‘fairy tale feel’ at your wedding. In such a case, there is no other place than Ireland in Europe. Not only does Ireland offer a cheap Wedding location for your wedding, it is one of the most romantic Wedding Locations around the world.  Ireland has a large number of lush gardens, rolling hills, quaint seaside villages, Oceanside cliffs, country manors and grand castles to entice you with its charms. There are a lot of resorts and hotels in Ireland to offer you some incredible destination wedding packages.

Adding to the charms of this place, Ireland has highly lovable people who will win your heart with their genuine hospitality.

5.    Savannah, GA
Cheapest Wedding Locations-  Savannah GA - A2zWeddingCardsEdited
The oldest city in the US state of Georgia, Savannah is the best-preserved place of the GA. For a classic and traditional yet cheap wedding location, you will find Savannah the most appropriate place for your destination wedding. Like Charleston, the place has attractive historic mansions, unusual cobblestone streets and elegant public squares but all these at an affordable price. The place has various resorts and hotels to offer you some cheap wedding locations along with beautiful backdrop for this ‘big day’.

And as an X factor of Savannah, you are allowed to consume alcohol outdoors in the historic downtown area. So, you can plan nightlife after your wedding.

If you are inspired by the idea of Cheapest wedding locations and planning to do one, we would love to listen your experience and see your pictures. Please do share all the details.