You are the king and queen on your wedding day but isn’t that very boring for a lively person like you? How about a Wedding where you run behind your bride to throw balls of snow on her? You need more? Great! How about the fine coating of citrus as well? The amalgamation of snow and citrus will baptize a splendid look to your wedding.

Citrus and snow weddings - A2zWeddingCards

Frozen hands, dried yet blooming trees, foxy citrus’s fragrance, mellow views and snowflakes! The ambience is terrific to welcome love and spread romance in the valley. Yes, we understand your query arranging everything in snow can be a tricky task so here we are with some crispy Citrus and Snow Wedding Ideas to treasure your wedding day:

First of all, let me tell you about the Citrus and Snow Weddings, which is very much in trend these days, you can easily find and finalize a tempting Snow and Citrus Wedding Card for your Big Day. Go for a light snow background with bold textures and print to make it more attractive and appealing.

Citrus-Snow Wedding Cards - A2zWeddingCards

Wild  flowers and citrus, red flowers can be intermixed to create a beautiful bouquet for your lovely lady. The bouquet of citrus flowers and the view of snow in behind is a treat to capture in the camera’s shutter.

Citrus-Snow Wedding FLowers - A2zWeddingCards

Finalizing the color of Bridesmaid’s dress is a troublesome task (Confusing too! not to mention…) but, since we are going theme wise, don’t rack your brain into this. Close your eyes take a deep breath and finalize tangy orange as your bridesmaid’s color for the day. No more thinking on this now….

Citrus-Snow Bridemaids dresses- A2zWeddingCards

Dress up the dry naked trees of winter with the bottles of wine hanging loose atop. Fill up the wine bottles with bunches of orange and yellow flowers. The views of orange flowers in wine bottles and mason jars hanging on the trees look phenomenal with the dreamy background of white snow. A perfect place to bring on the camera’s focus!

Citrus and Snow Wedding Favours - A2zWeddingCards

Enough of heart and love, let’s talk for the tummy now! Yes, The Cake, citrus cake with icing of vanilla or vice versa can be a great option for your snow inspired wedding. Furthermore, the toppings of beautifully placed orange peel will add a finishing touch to your yummylicious wedding cake. I can feel hunger now, aren’t you feeling the same?

Citrus and Snow Wedding Cake - A2zWeddingCards

For the décor, wooden baskets and bowls of oranges can be displayed as the centerpiece; mason jars stuffed with snow and slices of oranges is also a go-go idea. Last but definitely not the least, bottles of orange flavored soda! To bring back the lost energy of your dancing guests.

So, are you ready to experience oodles of snow and citrus in your wedding this winter?