Wild West weddings has become one of the most recent style trends of this year, and couples are going crazy about it all across the globe. These western-inspired marriages are an impeccable blend of rustic elegance, and certainly a great way to have a formal marriage without it getting bored. This Wild West wedding theme can include scenery motifs and texture fun animal like cacti, horseshoes, and antlers. So, are you wondering about what exactly we are talking about? Then see the below mentioned Colorful Wild West Weddings ideas and tips..

1. Try out deer antler decor

This year antler trend has really become famous, most likely because of the numerous ways they can be included in such kinds of weddings. Such decor adds home like feel to the whole venue. In case, you do not like to use the real animal parts, then a lookalike head can be used in a modern and chic way for the decor.

Wild West Wedding Decor

2. Choosing a romantic and rustic reception space

Choose an airy or open space on a farm. Make use of exposed beams and dirt floors to add more charm, while large-headed flowers and garlands to make it beautiful and romantic. You can also consider hanging a floral installation or a chandelier to fill-up the high ceilings, but always try to use minimal. Choose long farm tables along with beautiful centerpieces of bright colored flowers in the natural hues can set the right tone flawlessly.

Romantic Wild West Wedding Reception Space

3. Include a natural-hued butter cream cake

You can keep the flowers and color simple and allow the texture of the wedding cake to be the center of attraction. Make use of branchy accents and wood slice cake stand can add more beauty to it.

Natural-hued Butter Cream Cake for Wild West Wedding

4. Make use of rug floor decor

The rugs can be of great help as it can perfectly set in your available places and a big cowhide rug in different solid color can speak about the theme in a delicate manner. The cake tables and the lounge area are the ideal locations to add a rug.

5. Showcase your style with Moscow mule mugs

Moscow mule mugs are a new type of mason jars, which fit perfectly in a Wild West wedding. Similar like mason jars; it is also possible for you to use these wonderful mugs for drinking purpose as well. You can also carry out this idea with your centerpiece vessel and utilize the large copper jugs to display a big bunch of fresh flowers or use small mugs for single-stem flowers.

 Moscow Mule Mugs for Wild West Wedding

6. Order Bold colored Western-Inspired Wedding Invitations

You can make use of antlers by including them into your wedding invitations. The usage of gold foil can add a modern twist on your rustic-inspired Designer Wedding Cards.

Wild West Wedding Invitation

7. Design a heart-shaped desert plant bouquet

As you all know, the bouquet is the best place to add lots of colors to a neutral shade palette. You can use different types of wildflowers along with hearty plants such as king Protea, air plants and succulents. This can give a textured look as well as a feeling of a wonderful Wild West wedding.

Wild West Wedding Bouquet

Enjoy these colorful wild west wedding ideas in your wedding and make your wedding a unique one.

Happy Wild West Wedding !