Who says a great wedding can only be accomplished in decked up wedding halls by wearing heavy dresses and jewels? Weddings in barren land, in a barn, on a horse by wearing boots can also be an amazing way to say “I Do”. While a lot of citizenry run behind luxury and expensive present day weddings; there are still a few adventurous pairs who love rewinding the time and moving back to the Cowboy Texas wedding. If you too are planning for a rustic Cowboy Wedding, here are a few things you should consider while you plan your big day this 2016:

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Is it a destination wedding?

“We are what we see. We are the product of our surroundings.” If you want a proper rustic wedding, prefer going to place which is best suited for your themed wedding. Set the ambiance in a way so that it completely reflects and shower the feel of Theme Weddings in Texas. Don’t forget to send Save the Date Cards to your guests in advance so that they might plan their day accordingly.

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For the Entryway

Let your guests realize that they have arrived at a proper Cowboy Texas wedding by adding barn doors in the entryway. This will give a striking first impression of your wedding to your guests and will also compliment the bride and the bridesmaids when they step into the wedding ground for the ceremony.

CowBoy Wedding Entryway - A2zWeddingCards

“Cowboy Boots are a Cowgirl’s Attire and a City Girl’s Desire”

Cowboy Weddings without Cowboy Boot and a Cowboy Hat is impossible! Put your high heels aside and spruce up your looks with the trendiest cowboy boots for your wedding. Cowboy hats too look astounding!

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How about horse ride in the twilight?

Nothing can be more romantic than you two riding a cowboy horse in the dim lights of sunset! Feel close to nature by adding this small effect to your cowboy themed wedding and please do not forget to get some real good clicks at this point of time.

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In gardens all misty and wet with rain, and I will never, never, never grow so old again……….

Feel the joy of childhood by hand picking fresh wild flowers for your Big Day. Sunflowers and Daises can be a perfect choice for the Cowgirl Wedding.

You have an advantage- Camp Fire!

This is the best thing I love about any destination wedding, late night music, dance and the big CAMP FIRE! Leave your guests dumbstruck with your arrangements by hiring a country band for your Big Day. Guitar, music and cowboy cocktails are a not to miss element for the night rejoicing.

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Dress is quite obvious! I don’t think there is any need to tell that still, white gown for the bride and cowboy jeans and shirt for the groom.

Get ready to hug hard the nature! You are just a few steps away from a rock strong wedding celebration!