Giving wedding favors is one of the most important aspects that are related to any kind of marriage function, but sometimes couples tend to forget the importance of such favors. It is highly advisable to give memorable wedding favors as a token of appreciation to the guests who attended your big day celebration. It has been an ancient tradition to shower your love towards your invited guests. With the passage of time, it has also evolved a lot as couples want to give creative wedding favors to give a distinctive look to their matrimonial ceremony. Some couples prefer inexpensive items having personal twist, whereas some go with elaborate gifts.


Have a look at these creative ideas that you can employ for celebrating the whole occasion with loads of bliss and fun.

  • Personalized lollipops- You can add a fanciful look to your wedding reception by giving multicolored swirl lollipops that can be wrapped individually and decorated on the stick or the wrapper.


  • Customizable luggage tags- In case, you are having a destination wedding, and then you can make customizable luggage tags that will showcase the theme of your special day. At the same time, you can incorporate special features by showcasing the great marvels of that particular location.


  • Custom shot glasses- It is one of the unique ideas that many couples nowadays are frequently used in their creative wedding favors, wherein you give away customizable shot glasses that are imprinted with your wedding date and names.


  • Personalized sunglasses- For the couples who desire to demonstrate their fun-loving instinct can order or make classic sunglasses. It can also be designed in the form of a bottle opener.


  • Customizable cup holders- In case, you are planning an outdoor or beach wedding function, then you can give away decorated cup holders made of plastic having theme of your special day.  These cups will easily insert into soil or sand.
  • Personalized bottle openers- This is another great idea for creative wedding favors, as it is a great memento for your special day and guests will surely keep it handy to remember your matrimonial celebration.


  • Customizable granola bars- Give a healthy twist to your wedding favor by giving custom granola bars in different kinds of tempting flavors. You can use bacon, maple, apples or cinnamon coffee bean to add a health to your creative wedding favors.
  • Custom Chocolate-covered Oreo cookies- This great idea to make your special day -more sweet and delicious. You can wrap these cookies with boxes decorated with your wedding theme. You can also personalize it with monogram, wedding date, and couple’s name or with a marriage logo.


  • Personalized drink ware inspired with Mason jar- It is a wonderful idea to give Mason jar-style drink ware to your invited guest who attended your matrimonial ceremony. You can put them in decorated boxes having monogrammed, wedding date, and couple’s name.

So, use the above mentioned ideas to create wonderful wedding favors for your loved ones and celebrate the occasion with loads of fun.