Thorns are a part and parcel of roses, why not to accept them too……

Have you ever dreamt of dressing up like a royal king or queen of the desserts? (Posing with those bunches of grapes). If no then, close your eyes and just imagine how adorable you will look decked up in those long robes, turban, delectable head piece and of course oodles of jewellery (Gold!) . Ghosh! Anybody can look splendid in that aristocratic attire. So, now this desert wedding inspiration is awaiting your call for action. Sandy hues, green cactus, date palm trees and long bushes, these rustic elements work as a wonderful backdrop in any wedding. Pack up your bags dear, an over loaded adventure flurry is dying to see you:

Dessert Weddings - A2zWeddingCards

Decide the colors

The first and foremost criteria should be to decide the color scheme for your wedding, pick up the colors which go hand in hand with the desert theme of your wedding. Yellow, green and white are a cool option to try your hands on. Do the further planning keeping the prime colors in mind, even the Designer invitations should be painted in the same hues.

Desert Wedding Colors - A2zWeddingCards

For the ornamentation

Adding cactus to the decoration might appear a strange idea to you but believe me it is going to be your best friend for the wedding. Cacti and small succulents in mason jars and glass bottles! Add small pebbles and stones to enhance the beauty of the delectable table piece.

Desert Wedding Ornaments - A2zWeddingCards

The royal dress-up

Now, this is certainly my favorite part of the wedding. A queenly headpiece or gown, jewellery and a loose flowing gown is all you need to get ready for the majestic wedding. Plus, add necklaces to your attire to get the complete look and feel of the royal bride. And the groom please start growing up the magnificent beard if you don’t have it by now.


Whatever be your pick, just add a beautiful succulent in the mid and your job is almost done. But I would still recommend you to use white and yellow roses for the bouquet they are going to go parallel with the entire theme thus, creating a complete new aura of love in deserts!

Desert Wedding Attire & Flowers - A2zWeddingCards

  Add ons and the “Smile Please”

Since, you guys are getting married in the deserts nothing much has to be thought about the background and scenery. Wherever the camera might rotate, it will land up by clicking some real good photographs! The sands and bushes will do it all for you. Above all, the palm trees of the deserts are again so romantic to be framed in the photograph.

 Desert Wedding Add-ons - A2zWeddingCards

For the add ons, use umbrellas, guitar and grapes to incorporate every bit of the desert’s beauty into your wedding. A few of such desert props can further be used while planning the photo booth as well. (Please, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about the photo booth yet. It’s very important!)

And the royal wedding cake

All’s well that ends well. Leave your guests with a taste they shall never forget. Have a thorough conversation with your baker; he is one of the key players of the wedding. A cactus green wedding cake with the topping of succulent is a go-go idea.

 Desert Wedding Cake - A2zWeddingCards

I recently went to a desert wedding where the entire cake was in the shape and look of cactus, that was so unique, I liked it. Think more, explore more and I am sure you will come out with something amazing!

All the very best dear! Wish you a super exciting desert wedding…..