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Selecting a wedding invitation card always forms an integral part of planning a wedding ceremony. As the process of choosing marriage invitation card is an important process, it the same manner selecting a beautiful envelop is also imperative. The marriage invitation envelops are the first things that every guests who are invited will see and will give first impression about your special day. So, it becomes vital for each and every bride to prefer envelops that are tasteful and reflect the theme of the marriage ceremony.

It is a known fact that, wedding invitation envelopes comes in many sizes, designs and shapes. Usually, the most traditional design is the larger, heavier outer envelope, with a smaller envelope containing the actual invitation enclosed in it. For ordering marriage invitation envelops you can either select local stationery shops or from online wedding cards vendor who have more colors and designs for perfect wedding celebration. It is always advisable that the bride and groom must go together for selecting envelopes for their wedding invitation card.

You can choose envelops which are made of heavy paper, parchment, vellum, and in rectangular or square shapes. Nowadays, one shape that is becoming more popular day by day in wedding invitation envelopes is the pochette, which is an envelope that is shaped like a square, with folding tabs on each side, which fold in to make the envelope and gives perfect shape to your marriage card. At the same time, it is necessary wedding invitation envelope must match the color of your card.

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You can also match the envelopes with the colors of your bouquet or with the wedding dress. Some wedding invitation envelopes are plain, inside and out, but you can select ones lined in foil, again in a collection of colors or patterns. You can match the foil lining to the ink color used on the invitation, or choose a complimentary color to the paper, so that it perfectly matches with the occasion.

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Generally, the wedding invitation envelopes come in the package price along with the main marriage invitation cards. However, you can order it separately as per your linking and pay extra for lined, parchment or vellum envelopes which suit your budget. So, before ordering both cards and envelop it is wise to compare the prices of various vendors, so that you can get more discount and get beautifully crafted invitations with envelops.