It is always a difficult task to plan the menu or food caterer for the special day. In order to plan it in a synchronized manner requires have clear information about how many guests are going to attend the marriage function. At the same time, it’s a known fact that food in the reception always consumes the major portion of the wedding budget, but with proper selection of caterer and food menu you can create a perfect marriage party. In this procedure, after the selection of the marriage venue, the next important thing is to select a vendor for food catering services for your special day.

The selection of the vendor may depend on various factors which includes the availability of services of the particular caterer on the marriage reception date. The key goal is to have a perfect wedding reception for that you have to put your trust in your selected vendor for enjoying your big day.

While selecting you must also see whether the food caterer is providing full service for food including cake for the wedding function.  The whole package offered by the vendor must be designed keeping in mind the basic requirement of your wedding reception and pricing has to be made in accordance with it. At the same time, these packages come with option of customization and are possible to plan as per the requirement.

Some vendors also give you an option to plan your own menu card but generally it involves additional cost which is always higher than the basic food catering services or packages. So, after choosing the caterer, the next big thing is the food menu at the wedding reception.

It is possible that you can select only a particular service from the vendor and you will be charged only for the particular service and this won’t include all the items which you require to complete the whole menu list.

After selecting the food menu next task is to find out whether the caterer is proving all the utensils or plates along with glassware or you need to rent these items from another vendor. It will always involve additional cost if you select something which is superior in quality and design. At the same time, the catering vendor is always a valuable resource for information and creative ideas as he or she would have planned various wedding receptions and knows how to plan it in a perfect way. So, it is very important to use the experience and the ideas of the catering vendor selected by you for your wedding celebration.