The trend of DIY wedding theme ideas has gained enough popularity in the recent times and I remember one DIY idea from my childhood that still gives me Goosebumps with all the beauty and charm that it imparts. Indeed, it is Japanese art of folding papers into intricate designs and shapes known as origami. For a budgetary wedding, the idea to make origami as part of your wedding is the best idea and it also helps in uniting your friends and relatives.  For your creative wedding theme, we have made a list of 15 most amazing origami ideas. Check them out yourself.

Bridal bouquet

Let’s have a fresh take on fresh flowers that are often used in bridal bouquet. The flowers made by the use of paper last forever and they seem equally beautiful. Colorful papers can make colorful flowers for the bridal bouquet.

Beautiful seating chart


For an elegant and beautiful seating chart, all you need to do is use a wooden frame and lots of origami paper cranes. Hang the colorful paper cranes on the frame and you are good to go.

Origami wedding invitations

The best part of colorful origami is that they could be a part of any wedding in the form of origami wedding invitations.  You can match your wedding color scheme with colorful wedding invitations.

Beautiful string backdrop

Make beautiful paper cranes with help of origami and hang them with the help of colorful threads and strings. Hang them at your wedding altar for a beautiful backdrop. Moreover, you can use this beautiful décor throughout your wedding venue.

Beautiful origami floral decoration


For the DIY Wedding Theme Ideas, it’s good to have beautiful origami flowers for decorating your whole wedding venue. Green paper can be used to make leaves and colorful paper can be used to make flowers.

Origami centerpieces


With the help of origami wedding ideas, you can create some beautiful centerpieces. Colorful papers can be used to make flowers and hanging centerpieces.

Chandeliers for indoor and outdoor settings


No matter if you have indoor wedding or outdoor, chandeliers are always elegant and beautiful. For your creative wedding theme, you can have origami chandeliers and they would look super impressive.

Decorate wedding cake with origami


If you want to add more charm to your yummy wedding cake, you can try origami appliqué for the same. Atop your cake with origami appliqué and its charm will enhance more.

Chair décor


To decorate your wedding chairs, you need to make paper cones with old discolored paper and tie them with the chairs. Add flowers and herbs to take the ecstasy to the next level altogether.


When bridal bouquets could be made with origami, you could make groom boutonniere with the same. Flowers made from romantic novels can substitute the real fresh flowers in the best possible manner.

Place cards

When it comes to place cards, they are often too boring. Origami wedding ideas suggest you to have beautiful creature made from paper and use them as place cards.

Reception tables


When you are decorating the chairs with origami stuffs then, why not the reception tables? Along with centerpieces, you can use paper creatures to make your wedding more entertaining.

Origami kid’s zone


If little guests are part of your wedding, you can make a dedicated origami corner for kids where they can create some of their masterpieces.

Menu card

Make a origami fortune teller and write the details of your menu over it. it would be the most creative and unique way to present your dinner menu.

Origami wedding favor boxes

Budgetary weddings call for affordable wedding favors. One such would be to have cute origami wedding favor boxes filled with candies.