Your wedding invitation is typically the first thing that will actually give the right message about the theme of your wedding day to the lovely guests. One approach to make sure that you are mentioning the right theme is possible by giving a personal touch to your wedding invitation card. This doesn’t only help you in saving money, but also helps in showing your creativity to the whole world. As a matter of fact, creative marriage invites are creating a rage right now. The couples are concocting various types of thoughts to add something extra to the boring and traditional Christian wedding cards. This has opened up a great chance wherein you get lots of choices, which is the reason there can be unlimited ideas for this purpose. It has always been called that wedding invites act as a trailer for your special day and these cards must be intriguing to create a buzz among your invited guests. At the same time, it must also be created to serve your purpose in the best possible manner.

DIY Wedding Invitation Wheel

It is very much possible to make the whole arrangement for wedding invite in order, but if you have less budget, then it is very much possible to make and design them yourself. This will not only allows you to show your creativity, but also gives you an impeccable opportunity to show your art and brilliance. The guests would cherish the way that you took out time from your occupied time to do this. Have a look at one of the DIY wedding invitation wheel that can set the tone of your big day-

DIY Wheel Invitation card– A DIY wheel completely looks superb yet is really simple to create. This DIY wedding invitation wheel actually works similar to the normal fortune wheels. At the same time, you can make it by cutting two wheels from the sheet of paper and then select the same shade if you need or a pleasant color blend of your choice. It is very important that you keep a difference of 1.5 inches in the radius among the two wheels. After this you can affix the centers by utilizing a pin, in such a manner that both can revolve easily and freely. After checking their spinning, draw distinctive areas on both the wheels like equivalent pie cuts and then put them on top of one another. The segments would typically be titled along the circumference of the great wheel, in the manner like – RSVP, contact information, website name if any, date, time, dress, location and address of the venue.

DIY Invitation Wheel

After doing this, you need to cut boxes on the smaller wheel and after that attach the thing to the greater circle utilizing a pin. Presently, at whatever point the boxes stop below a header, for example “Location”, you have to write the location detail inside that box. You can then decorate your DIY wedding invitation wheel with ribbons, floral design or any other thing based on your wedding theme.