There are various new and fun ways make DIY wedding invitations, but we have a really cool method to make your wedding – extraordinary in all respects. The answer is Paper-cut DIY wedding invitations, this is an absolutely stunning card wherein you can get laser-cut look by yourself. Your wedding invitees and guests will surely be amazed because it will show that it surely a work of a professional card designer. Can you even imagine how their faces will look like when they come to know that it was done by you and your fiancé. Is not that amazing and extraordinary? Yes, it is absolutely. In order to help you out in this regard, we are here to give you a correct list of the supplies that will be needed by you to make wonderful paper-cut DIY wedding invitations:-

Do-it-yourself Wedding Invitations

1. Paper stock or DIY invitation printable templates that can easily fit in the printer used by you. It is very important there is enough space for the purpose of paper cutting on this template that you select to fit the design onto. It will be best if you can do some samples beforehand as it will help you to order the card/ paper supplies in required quantity.
2. DIY invitation envelope-  It is also a nice idea to get envelope seals and liners for them
3. Calligraphy Pen for doing the hand written wordings on the card. This is in case of  not using the printable templates.
4. Printer Access- It is important to do a trial first with a cheap paper to make certain that the printer is not leaving any kind of marks on the invitation sets
5. Cutting Mat
6. Scalpel
7. Glue
8. Specialty marriage paper – This can be utilized as a backdrop for the paper-cut design
9. Scissors – For cutting the paper

DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

Have  a look at some of the steps to make paper-cut DIY wedding invitations

Step 1– First of all order the template, preferred by you that can be art Deco, floral or any other design. Then print it on the card stock, but always make sure that you properly set the dimensions of the paper before printing them. It is always preferable to print any kind of inexpensive paper before printing the actual DIY wedding invitation cards stock. After doing this, you can fold the card in case you want to have folded look.

DIY Wedding Invites

Step 2– Then you have to cut the design that you prefer from the printed paper. It is important that your hands must be clean while doing this because it will leave marks on it. You have to place the cutting map on the smooth surface and then use the scalpel to cut the template by taking one sheet at a time. You must make sure that you have to very careful while handling the finer areas as it might tear out.

DIY Invitations Tutorial

This completes the whole process as you can add a backdrop with textured or colored paper if you desire for it. This will show your skill and commitment to your big day celebration.