Personalization (Do it yourself) is the best word nowadays for each and every wedding that is taking place all around the globe. The couples feel that do-it-yourself is the ideal methodology to express their creativity and passion. With big formal weddings, couples are choosing party-style marriage function with less formalities and guests. We are here to give you an insight on the famous DIY wedding trends in the year 2014, which couples are choosing all across the globe. They try their best to reach out for best possible materials and draw inspiration from others to create a distinctive wedding that will surely touch the heart of all the guests coming to attend the event.


Like never before, DIY trends are taking inspiration from the mainstream fashion, TV and movies. The major trends are still prevalent in the form of rustic and vintage that is still developing to have a redefined look with a less barn kind of venues, hay bales, old typewriters and dollies.

In the below mentioned sections we have provided details about top DIY trends for the wedding day to that reflect your creativity and passion as a couple.

  • Romantic outdoor wedding trend- This DIY trend is still going strong and is prevalent among the individuals who don’t need a heavy themed wedding. This nostalgic style has components that range from various ancient periods to create a romantic, modern and fresh look coupled with pastel details.


  • Urban or Marquee wedding trend- Nowadays spaces having a rustic, eclectic or an industrial vibe is famous for indoor weddings. This trend has also become popular as sometimes the bad weather spoils the whole event and can ruin the whole enjoyment.


  • Retro style from the 70′s, 60′s and 50′s is an augmentation of vintage and exceptionally prevalent for the individuals who need an old-world style type of marriage. For instance, couples are selecting the Preppy look from the late 50′s and 60′s. This trend has become more refined, as it reflects the elegance by including elements like tennis, yachting and equestrianism. Many brides take inspiration from Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn by selecting tea-length marriage gown. Couples use naval themed accessories, striped and floral prints, plaids, bright colors and other things to add beauty and grace to the occasion.


  • Couples are using organic, textured and natural decorative details like greenery, branches, bark, ferns, flowers, feathers, timber crates, candles, paper lanterns, swags, and garlands make the outdoors of their wedding event.
  • Another DIY trend that has become popular is Chevron print, which was earlier, used in nautical theme based wedding having shades of red, green and yellow. This has become popular among couples all across the globe who likes this pattern with spots and stripes. It can be used for cushions, decorative napkins, table runners and even on the wedding cake. For chair decorations, you can use fabric, rustic signs, ribbon and floral accents give it an elegant look.