Wedding Inivtations Dos and Don'ts - A2zWeddingCardsThe summer wedding season is just around the corner and with the approaching wedding season, everyone is looking for wedding planning tips and tricks to make their wedding worth attending. Cyberspace is generally filled with all the latest wedding themes, weddings colors and other details. But, there are only a few articles on the wedding invitation etiquettes, which don’t deliver the right information even. For all of you, here are some amazing wedding cards dos’ and don’ts’ to make things easier for you.  

Timely PlanningWedding Invitation Dos and DontsAny couple who is planning to get married should give enough time to their wedding guests for deciding if they would be able to make it the wedding or not. The best invitation etiquettes suggest sending Save the date cards well ahead of time.

Proper Guest List
Wedding Invitation Dos and Don?ts
Wedding planning is a big mess and this often creates a lot of hassle. In this fuss, people often forget to send the wedding cards to everyone. For avoiding this mistake, you should make a proper guest list of all your loved ones so that you don’t miss anyone.

Extra Cards
Wedding Invitation Dos and Don?ts
You make the guest list and accordingly you order your wedding invitations. But, the best Wedding Etiquettes suggest that you should order some extra cards so that it could be utilized if you miss anyone in your list. Extra cards guarantee that you still have the margin to invite more.

The Correct Titles
Wedding Invitation Dos and Donts
When you write your invitations, you often don’t pay much attention to the titles of the name. But, the Wedding Invitations etiquettes propose that you should use appropriate titles against all the names.

Proper Font & Pattern
Wedding Invitation Dos and Donts
The Dos’ and Don’ts’ of wedding cards etiquettes recommend that you should select the best pattern and font for your card. The font should be readable and good so that your guests do not find it difficult to understand.

Avoid Address Labels
Wedding Invitation Dos and Donts
In this modern world, everyone tries to make things easier with readymade stuff. For the invitations also, people use address labels in place of writing it. But, it is advisable that you should write yourself on the envelope. These invitation etiquettes add a personal touch.

The Right Inserts
Wedding Invitation Dos and Donts
With wedding invitations, people add various other inserts for a better understanding of the guests. However, few are necessary and others are just irrelevant. You should include directions, maps and hotel information inserts and avoids the checklist of the things which you want the guests to do.

All these are the best Wedding Planning Tips for your invitation cards. Incorporating these will assure that nothing goes wrong in your wedding.