While there are some juvenile brides who dream of a pink fairytale wedding and put up all her ideas in making it a perfect theme based wedding, there are other tomboy brides who love horses and open area and prefer celebrating wedding in a barn. So today we have brought to you a whole new concept of Dusky Pink Fairytale wedding in a barn!

Dusky Pink Fairytale Wedding In a barn

The recipe of this blog is quite easy – we took a slice of fairytale wedding, a spoon full of dusky pink weddings and a few ingredients of Barn wedding and we mixed it well with some spices and flavors of the present day. And now your Dusky Pink Fairytale Wedding in a Barn is ready to serve:

Flowers shall be your bosom buddy (Pink especially)
Renovate the indoors and the outdoors of the barn with dusky pink floral arrangements. Add beautiful centerpieces of pink peonies and roses and jazz up the aisle with pink flower runners. Obviously, the bridal bouquet will also align with the theme to exhibit the hues of pink at its best.

dusky Pink Wedding roses

Don’t worry about your “White”
It’s a fairytale wedding after all; how can you skip wearing a white flamboyant wedding gown for the evening?  Dress up like a fairy and be ready to spread the magic of love on your prince charming. Now, to fuse the fairytale wedding with the barn wedding, here is a twist No heels! Rather a pair of leather shoes or canvas or even colorful sports shoes can be a pick for you and your bridesmaids. Don’t be afraid to experiment girl! Go ahead and shine…

Dusky Pink Wedding Cowboy Wedding
To complete the attire, add a fancy cowboy hat to your wedding look. Why fancy? Yes, you are right, that is so just to keep the fairytale theme alive. I think that’s enough for you two to flaunt your unique style.

Do you have a Plan B?
Getting wed in barn isn’t that easy as you might think it to be. Be mentally prepared to face it together! A risk of bad weather always keeps on dancing on the head. Plus, the fear of mosquitoes and bugs! So, it’s better to have an alternate plan in case if the situation becomes worse. And for the mosquitoes get the area sprayed with pesticides beforehand. Keep it a point to communicate about the Plan B in your Dusky Pink Wedding Invitation so that the guests are also clear about your plans and don’t face any ambiguities in the eleventh hour.

Dusky Pink Wedding Invitation

The Yummilicious treat!
Yes, I am talking about the wedding cake…  Order a pink wedding cake with the toppings of your favorite fairytale character to earmark that you have a perfect dusky fairytale wedding. Get, Set, Eat!

We wish the weather remains cool and you have a memorable Dusky Pink Wedding in a Barn!!