scroll wedding cards, scroll wedding invitations

The wedding invitation card highlights the theme, grace and style of your wedding to your invited guests and therefore it is not possible to commence the wedding without having something which is royal and majestic as scroll wedding invitations. These scroll cards are the ideal gateway to set the tone for your dream wedding with an exquisite charm and excitement. Scroll wedding invitation cards will surely become your guest’s first impression about your marriage because when you hand over your wedding card to the guest what is the first thing you look for? Is it the attention or awe factor? So, it becomes relevant to figure out what best can be done to impress them and one of the best ways to achieve this is scroll wedding invitation card. This card will depict your fashion and style statement and will create a perfect stage for your splendid matrimonial ceremony.

Have a look the various features that make Scroll Wedding Cards special & royal.

Significance & origin: Scroll wedding cards have a long history which can be traced to the medieval period. At that time, these scroll invitations were used by the emperors and other members of the royal family to send across their invitations & messages to other people. These cards were very traditional and were called as Farman. Now again the same fashion is back wherein couples are choosing these scroll marriage invitation cards to give the same royal and retro look. These scroll wedding cards are in a great demand now all across the globe.

 Design: The content of the scroll wedding invitations remain the same whether it is traditional or modern. It contains the names of bride and groom along with their parents name, the venue and date, along with the other details of the main plan.

scroll wedding cards, scroll wedding invitations, scroll invitations

But, it is important how the whole content is presented and how it can be different from other cards available in the market. These scroll invitations are made up of elegant designs and match up to the royal celebration of your special day. These cards are usually made up of high quality handmade paper in vibrant colors.

Packaging: The scroll marriage cards are covered with imported handmade tissue paper made from silk or satin. The carrying case are made up of silver and designed with traditional artwork and beautiful designs.

So, the above mentioned features give a special and elegant look to these scroll cards. Last but not the least, browse through the variety of scroll wedding invitation cards available at to make your marriage wonderful and outstanding.