Not everyone is a writer! When provided a pen to write, most of us find ourselves in hot water. And it is the trepidation of writing which brought you to this page. Well, scripting for the wedding invitation wordings can be a troublesome task for you as well. What to write, how to write and above all “Where to Begin From?” if such questions are whirling in your mind, take a deep breath and relax! Everyone goes through this dilemma of Invitation Framing and we are here to suffice your needs. Do remember that- the rules and stuffs are very simple than you assume. After researching, here are a few examples and key points that might prove out to be useful to you.

 wedding wording

For a framing a proper wedding invitation wording it is important to follow the proper wedding invitation etiquette. Usually parents name should be mentioned in the wedding card to imprint your benevolence for all they have done to you. Followed below is an example illustrating how to do it-

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jacob
Request the honor of your benign presence on the marriage of their loving children
Melinne Thompson
Robert Jacob
As they merrily hook up this Saturday, the third of October at six o’clock in the dusk at
The Red Fox Hotel

If you want to avoid complexities of mentioning relatives and family in your wedding invitation card, another way can be of doing it by and for you. Here is an example of short and sweet wedding invitation wordings to clarify the things for you. If you follow this pattern, you will be left out with ample of space; therefore “A real big area to experiment!” you can go for some funky fonts or calligraphy or can get a photograph printed on the card. Think, Think and Try! –

Melinne & Robert
Have picked up their first day of “Happily Ever After” as third of October two thousand and fifteen.
You are chiefly invited to shower your blessings and share their joys at
The Marriot
New York

If you are sending an R.S.V.P card along, use some cool wedding invitation wordings to tempt your guests to reply! Something like “Which song will get you dancing?” “Who’s in?” “____are joining us to celebrate” or “Who shall toast the wedding?” can be used.
Now, before you put on your pen’s cap do check that you haven’t missed any of the following key etiquettes:-

  • The name of the Bride should always precede the Groom’s.
  • Time and date should be written in words and use o’clock.
  • Traditionally the wedding cards are issued by the hosts who are the Bride’s parents.

That’s all about the traditional wedding etiquettes, if you have something funky and bizarre for your wedding invitation wordings, do not fear to experiment. Remember- It’s your wedding, it should be unusual! Wish you all the best for great adventures ahead……