For all those tying the knot this year, A2zWeddingcards wanted to look ahead of time & share some new wedding invitation trends. We very well know that wedding cards have always been ornate, intricate and exuding with traditional or religious symbolism. But, now the taste is changing and the decision-making power has shifted to the couple itself. The invitation cards feature more of a ‘contemporary style’ with shades of gray, cream and white in the background with accents of vivid colors. Silver and gold color usage will be sporadic for specific symbols. I know you are getting excited and want to know more about them. So, have a look at major wedding invitations┬átrends for 2015 that are mentioned below:-

A2zweddingcards-Wedding Trends 2015

Wooden designs- Are you going to celebrate your special day outdoors? Then try out new wooden designs that are designed especially to make your occasion perfect in all respect. Display your love for nature by incorporating these designs and engrave your marriage details on them. These designs are very special and beyond doubt one of the best ways to make a wonderful appealing statement before your wedding guests. Additionally, they are a great keepsake for your family and friends. If your desire is to celebrate your marriage with an earthy feel, then this is your invitation.

A2zweddingcards- Wooden Invitations

Boutique style– The boutique style wedding card includes wrapping up your invitation and other cards in a parcel by using a beautiful tag, ribbon and band. They are basically designed with simplicity and elegance in mind for showcasing the feeling of “love is in the air”. This particular style will surely suit all the weddings taking place in big venues that are glamorous and prestigious. You can get log options in terms of 50 shades of ribbon and 40 diverse belly band shades, which allows you to customize the card based on your wedding theme and budget.

A2zweddingcards- Boutique Style wedding Invitations

Pocket- fold designs– This particular design is ideal, if you want to include lots of information on the wedding invitation. It comes with a large variety of inserts, perfect for weddings abroad or marriages that continue for 3 to 4 days. This pocket-fold design permits you to fit on the menu card, hotel information, maps, direction and much more. Do you want to be more creative, then just simply put in an insert asking the guests’ about favorite dance tunes.

A2zweddingcards- Pocket fold Invitations

Rustic theme- This particular theme is going to create lots of buzz this year, similarly just as it was also in the list of popular wedding trends 2014. This style is perfect for a barn wedding, or for a function taking place in an old English country. Couples can use this style to create bespoke patterns featuring wheat, tractors and cows. It is also possible to add floral belly bands to give a wonderful garden picturesque.

A2zweddingcards- Rustic Wedding Invitation

Tied style– This collection is also going to be very popular this year, as many couples wish to do something different from the traditional invitations. It features RSVP card, wedding invitation and envelope that are tied together with the help of an attractive ribbon. It is a great choice, if you desire to include all the information relating to your special day.

A2zweddingcards- Tied wedding invitations

We always love to hear from our readers! If you are familiar with more of wedding invitations trends 2015 that might become popular this year then do share with us!

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