Getting hitched when the country got liberty? Interesting…

4th july Wedding inspiration

The biggest advantage that you will derive out of this wedding is- No worries for the theme! The color palette is already decided- blue, red and white shall be your friends for the day. Fourth of July Weddings are also a great way to welcome summers this year. But let me warn you, wedding on the fourth of July will make you squander piles of currency because these weddings are comparatively costlier and involves high rent rates and costing. Listed below are the top seven Fourth of July wedding Ideas for your Big Day:

1)  Broadcast the Wedding Date – Dip your wedding stationery in the tri colors and earmark the date of your wedding. Wedding Invitation Card in stripe pattern can be a great idea too or else, you can also select a combination of any two vibrant colors (Red + Black, Red + Blue, etc) for your Big Day.

2)  Over and Above – Add finishing touches to your themed wedding with these touch ups. Let your bride and the bridesmaid hold the lush red flower bouquets plus the adornment with tri colored pinwheels and blue umbrellas will amplify the surroundings.

3)  Turn on the Lightings – “ Where there is love there is light” They say light remarks the presence of love so, light up the aura by hanging paper lanterns and lights wrapped up in the hues of red. Such elements look great and aids in pumping life to the event.

4)  Go Cool with Coca Cola – Set your camera’s focus on the splendid Coke bottles. The red logo makes it a perfect choice for your themed wedding. You can give some real cool poses with these sparkling bottles.

5)  Food! – Present your guests a separate dessert table decked up in the tri colors. Make sure your table settings also align with the same theme. Order a Flag Patterned Wedding Cake to show signs of patriotism in your Fourth of July Wedding Inspirations.

6)  These Little Packets can do Wonders! – Dress up the sweet flower girl and the handsome ring bearer in the fusion of red, white and blue. For the ring bearer, a small bow tie in blue can be a great idea to head on with while the flower girl can wear a cute frock in the same pattern.

7)  Sparkling Exit – Has any Fourth of July ever been accomplished without sparkles? Arrange a stunning firework for the c off part. Or else you can ask your guests to shimmer the sparkles while you walk out of the church after being “Happily Married.”

We hope the Fourth of July Wedding Inspirations managed to inspire you in some way or the other! Happy Hitching.