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In Indian culture, wedding is seen as an event of a lifetime with lot of planning, arrangements and rituals to make it a perfect celebration. Everybody in Indian community looks forward to this event perfect whether it is Hindu or even Sikhs.  All plan it in the best possible manner and follow their own traditional rituals which they have inherited from their earlier generation.

Let’s have a look on wedding style of Sikh community wherein marriage is regarded as the event of mingling two beautiful souls for eternity. In this particular event, the whole families come together and join hands to make it a marvelous occasion. It is regarded as the merging of two different families with same culture and tradition. Sikh weddings are full of extravagance and are well known for their frolic culture. It consists of events like Mehandi, Ladies Sangeet and many more.

It usually carries on for more than two days wherein the whole family enjoys, dance and feel the every moment. But for making this function splendid, wedding invitation cards play an important role as it acts as the medium to invite the guests to the whole function and without their presence the big day remains dull.

Sikh wedding invitation cards come in the wide range of deigns, colors and patterns. They also contain holy messages from their holy books and are designed according to the theme of the special day. In these types of cards religious content and symbols are given utmost relevance as it shows the religious culture of the Sikh community.

The wedding cards are always given special place in this culture because they never consider it just like a piece of paper. For them it is a medium to enjoy the event in togetherness and conducting the marriage in a traditional manner following the rituals mentioned in their holy book, Adi Granth.

sikh wedding cards, sikh wedding invitations

The cards used in Sikh wedding are either purchased from local stationary shops or from online wedding card portals which offer a large variety of cards in terms of colors, designs and textures. The cards are made of handmade silk paper, art sheet or velvet paper to give it a royal look.

As per my suggestion, it is always better to buy Sikh wedding cards online because these portals offer wide collection cards and it can easily suits your budget. At the same time, the cards are highly customizable which helps in designing it as per your requirement.

sikh cards, sikh invitations

These marriage card websites also offers 24/7 online customer support staff along with a set of designers who work exclusively on the Sikh wedding invitation cards. This online customer support staff handles all your queries related to selecting, ordering of invitations at your doorstep. So, it is wise and advisable to order Sikh Wedding invitation cards online to save your hard earned money and effort.