In order to decorate a greenhouse for celebrating your wedding will require extraordinary forethought to pick designs that match with the natural decor. It is a known fact that most of the greenhouses comprise of plants from different species, which will require you to use the mixture of colors that goes perfectly with the kind of decoration you looking at. Likewise the decorations selected by you, will depend extraordinarily on the theme of your matrimonial ceremony. In order to ease our your task, we are here to offer you some wonderful tips or ideas for greenhouse wedding that will guarantee an effective and amicable ambiance on your special day:-


Roses and Candles – Put bigger candles everywhere in the greenhouse. As the greenhouse is an indoor venue, you get the best possible effect of getting a grand outside view. You have to place all the candles safely in holders and five feet from the plants. This is done in order to prevent any kind of fire from a candle, if it is thumped over. For extra safety, you can cover the candles with the help of hurricanes made from glass. At the same time to make the venue more romantic, you can spread rose petals on the walkways as well as around the candles.

Greenhouse Themed WeddingStatues – Buy statues to add an extra inventive component to your greenhouse wedding. If you are hosting an Irish, wedding, you can use harps as well as statues of various Irish Saints. In case of a Christian-themed weddings use religious statues to showcase symbolism and religious oaths. It is important to select statues that suit your joint conviction as a couple rather than showing your separate identity as bride and groom. In case your wedding is happening in the night, then you can illuminate all the statues at your venue to have a romantic as well as religious setting.

Greenhouse Wedding IdeasRafters – Greenhouse is a great location for celebrating the special day. You can decorate the railings and rafters that extend to the highest point of the greenhouse with banners, garlands and lanterns. It is possible to go with metal, wooden or paper lanterns match with your greenhouse wedding theme and use extra light in case you are having a wedding reception at the night time. You can very easily wrap all the rafters with the help of fake plants, white lights or garlands to decrease theĀ  feeling that your marriage is happening in warehouse of plants. Always select banners with religious images and surnames to display your ancestry.

Greenhouse Wedding DecorLighting and Bows – Huge bows could be successfully set on the corners of the greenhouse in the middle of the metal bars. These bows will function admirably with the greenery of the whole place. You can likewise decorate all the plants with extra white lights to add more shine to the event. Furthermore, you can wrap -up all the plants in bows and tulle to add an extra ornamental style to the place. Always select colors that suit your greenhouse wedding design and theme. It is very much possible to hire a wedding planner who can make sure that your selection will go hand-in-hand with your dinnerware as well as the wedding invitation cards.