wedding-suit 2018 trends

A handsome man in a suit grab all the eyes instantly and who says that only women wants to look drop dead gorgeous on their weddings. Moreover, bride love to see their husband-to-be well suited and booted walking down the aisle. However, it is easy to find bride styling tips, it is pretty difficult to get amazing groom fashion trends. Just when you think, you have finally found the Hottest Groom Fashion Trend for yourself, you realize that walking down the aisle calls for something more. Alright, don’t panic, here are our groom style guide 2018 for you to try.

Forever Classic

classic black suit

Everyone knows that when it comes to wedding trends, nothing can beat a classic black suit. It has the power to make any man look damn hot.

Chequered Prints

chequered prints

According to groom style guide 2018, chequered prints are going to be huge trend this year. With this print in your attire, you are definitely going to rock.

Royal Blue

Royal blue

The royal blue is a classic, elegant and timeless choice that completely pops out. It is fun and definitely makes you feel younger.

Light Jackets

light-coloured jacket

If you feel like steering away from boring and traditional groom fashion trends, you can consider a light-colored jacket for yourself. These gorgeous jackets are ideal choice for summer months.

Black Tie

Black tie

Weddings do not only mean the wedding ceremony, it includes cocktail parties and other evening soirees too. For the other ceremonies, you can choose the classic wedding trends of black tie.

Light Grey

light grey colored suit

If you a fashion forward groom looking for amazing trends for groom, you can go a bit monochromatic by choosing light grey colored suit for yourself. This is a really extra sleek take on the latest groom fashion trends.

Unexpected Trends For Groom

stylish navy-blue suit

If you planning to don a stylish navy-blue suit, you can pair it with a shirt in a completely different color. If you can go a little extra, you can choose a pair of brown shoes and floral tie.

Ditch The Suit

slim fit vest coat with classic white shirt

Agreed that suits are forever classic trend for grooms but, this year ditch this style. In place of suit, you can try slim fit vest coat with classic white shirt to look completely different.

A Little Casual

classic vest with jeans

Go extra bold with groom fashion trends by trying to avoid formal attire. You can wear a pair of jeans with classic vest or suit along with white shirt. Trust us, you would be able to get a hell lot of compliments.

Burgundy Fashion

Burgundy Fashion

Burgundy shade has gained a lot of popularity in groom style guide 2018. For this reason, you can purchase a custom fit burgundy suit for your wedding.