Exploring and visiting end number of shops, picking up a style from the collection and after lots of backbreaking work, the wedding invitation is finally finalized. Ghosh! This seems to be really very hectic. Buying wedding invitations online can be a perfect quick fix to get rid of this long lethargic chain of processes.

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Wedding Invitations occupy a special corner in the whole wedding suite and are designed to illuminate the mood & ambiance of your big day. In Today’s Digital Era, 70 % of the getting married couples prefer online shopping for wedding invitations rather than the tedious floor shopping. E-shopping of wedding invitations online is well liked these days as it saves time, money and energy.

Online Invitations- Types
1. Ordering invitations online – This definitely is an exciting and charismatic option for the tech friendly, Y generation of the century.  It involves placing orders directly to the varied online stores.

2. E-invitations-Show your love for nature by sending e-invitations to your invitee. With the boom in technology, wedding invitation cards can now be sent straight to your kith and kin via mail.

Online v/s Traditional Invitations

  • Convenience – Why to go according to a rigid time schedule when you can make choices according to your own convenience? Online store provides 24*7 hours service while physical stores are restricted to traditional retail hours. So, even if the clock shows 12 A.M, you can select and order wedding cards online.
  • Proof– “I wanted proof not promises.”- Anonymous. Online store comes with a complimentary electronic proof at the time of order confirmation and shipping. This aids in saving time & is immediate. Physical store doesn’t avail instant proof at all times.
  • Price & Quality– Online store are pocket friendly & offers e-payment option instantly; conversely physical stores are quite expensive as they include shop rentals together with the burden of taxes. Hence, online wedding cards prove out to be a smart choice for the smart you.
  • Personalization– Why to restrict your ideas and creativity? Each one has the right to make free choices. Online store offers personalization; you can preview your invitation before ordering. Physical store does not provide the choice of personalization, you can’t modify designs & at times the final product comes out to be really disappointing.
  • Product Delivery– An online store offers fast and free delivery within 10-15 business days. A physical store doesn’t offer any such delivery option. You have to personally go and collect the heaps of order from the store.

Customer Service– “All of your customers are partners in your success.” Online Store serves their customers with a wide variety of designs & above all the customers can also access the actual professional in case of any changes, on the other hand physical Store is confined with a very less collection and option of background designs Current Stats

The percentage of ordering wedding invitations online is increasing speedily year by year . Online invitation shopping is predicted to grow continuously to $374 in 2016. According to the recent stats, average number of invitations ordered by a couple is 100, maximum invitations ordered sums up to 300 while the minimum stands at 30. 42% of would-be couples prefer specialized online stores like A2zWeddingCards to purchase their dream wedding invitations suite including beautiful add-on cards like Save-the-dateRSVP Cards and Thank you cards. Thus, it is clearly evident that the newfangled couples prefer online resources and store to plan their dream wedding and to buy their wedding related stuffs!

A2zWeddingCards believes in serving best to the peppy pair on their grand occasion. It always has a fresh and heart touching collection of Wedding invitations that allures the getting married couples!

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