In Indian culture, weddings are synonymous to desires, dreams, emotions and traditions. In this beautiful journey, one of the most significant ingredients is the ‘marriage card‘. Irrespective of time-period, the wedding invites have always received a strong value and weight-age.
In this modern tech savvy world of digital and social media, Indian people still hold on to the significance of traditionally designed wedding invitations. An Indian marriage affair, as we all have heard of or known, is a beautiful journey uniting not only a groom and a bride, but also friends and families. Right from the religious customs, traditional attires and values, colorful musical atmosphere and scrumptious cuisine, the whole function includes all! As the date of matrimonial ceremony comes near, the supreme significance of the card is at display.

A marriage invitation sent to a guest gives the first impression about the whole event. The color combination along with a stroke of design highlighting the occasion and details of time, date, venue, groom and bride, the card holds every imperative detail together on itself. It is often compared to a movie trailer, which leaves you wondering how the real movie is going to be.

Let’s have a detailed idea about the design and content of the card- It has an artistic design along with the artwork of Indian God and Goddess or sometimes designs of various ceremonies performed during the marriage like Varmala, Doli, Dholak and many more. All these designs are combined with auspicious and beautiful palette of colors and creative fonts with vital information that gives complete information about the function. Another important aspect is budget because depending on it, a wedding invite can even be prepared with imported papers along with laser cut artworks, unique motifs and a small piece of jewellery or gem stone attached to it gives it a more attractive look.

a2z wedding cards, wedding invitation cards, Indian wedding cards, wedding invitations

a2z wedding cards, wedding invitation cards, Indian wedding cards, wedding invitations

An Indian marriage event starting from two days can go up to a week of celebration, hence detailing of all the occasions through marriage cards becomes extremely imperative. It is also possible to add a route map to the venue, which is usually placed at the back of card. This along with some assortment of sweets makes the look of the card complete. At the same time, gods are given high regard and significance in an Indian matrimonial ceremony. It’s only after the blessings of Gods and Goddesses that the distribution of the invitation card begins.

The distribution in itself is an auspicious event. Parents of both the bride and groom exchange their version of cards and invite each other humbly. By applying Kumkum (Saffron Powder) on each other’s forehead they mark the beginning of the celebrations.

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