NRI Weddings are extravagant affairs, displaying rich Indian rituals & ceremonies with great pomp & shown in the presence of family, friends & relatives. It is obviously a big budgeted celebration & a prime to get together for the NRI Families. Approx 15 million to 40 Million NRIs are Residents of many countries worldwide. They practice their own culture specific customs & encourage their upcoming generations also for the same to preserve their diversified Ethnic Indian Culture.

Indian weddings are known to be big, colorful and luxurious. They are a grand and extravagant affair for the people, their families & friends where festivities continue up to a week or more. The weddings are absolutely filled with fun, friends and families. With the growing economy, more couples are spending a lot of money on their wedding, especially the NRI’s.  They are spending a lavish amount in planning their wedding to give it a complete traditional look.

Indian NRI Wedding

Now with the changing trends of wedding style from traditional to modern, mostly NRIs prefer traditional themes for their wedding. They want to reconnect with their roots by having an Indian style wedding. Even there are some couples who come to India, especially for their wedding extravaganza. Maharaja or Royal Style is the latest wedding style which is growing popular amongst the NRI’s.

Here are the things that reflect the that reflect the essence of Indian Wedding Traditions with an NRI touch.

Wedding invitations- Indian weddings begin with the distribution of traditional and contemporary design wedding invitations. Wedding invitations always have been a part of the Indian wedding tradition from centuries. As per the customs of India, guests are invited from both the side of families with the help of traditional Indian wedding cards for the auspicious occasion. Invitations are designed with distinct textures, attractive colors in a way that reflect the true colors of Indian culture and tradition. They are engraved with holy Shloks with religious symbols of Swastika, Kalash, Om and Ganesha.

Indian NRI Wedding Invitation

Wedding Venue- In traditional style Indian NRI weddings, the venue is fully decorated with traditional style Mandaps which are decorated with flowers and other traditional accessories like lamps and earthen pots or Matkas. For every ritual they have different themed venues decorated in a traditional manner. For Sangeet ceremony,  a big hall  is decorated with colorful flowers and lights. These days, mostly NRI’s are preferring maharaja style wedding to give a royal look to their wedding. So, venue decoration is an integral part of an Indian wedding, which gives a traditional look to the wedding.

NRI Indian Wedding Venue

Wedding Attire and Accessories- Indians are known for their colorful festivals and ethnic attires. For NRI couples, their wedding gives them a chance for having an Indian wedding dress. The bride and groom are dressed in a colorful attire where the bride wears an ethnic design Lehenga while the groom wears a long designer Sherwani with the traditional Safa. Not only the couple, but guests also come in beautiful, colorful attires like Saree, Salwar suit or Kurta pajama. These traditional attire gives them a feel of their culture and religion.

Indian NRI I Wedding Attire

Wedding Food-  Indian weddings are also known for their delicious food. They are considered incomplete without the mouth watering food. As for NRIs, wedding is one of the important get together to meet and celebrate with friends, family and relatives who are living in different regions of the world.

Indian NRI Wedding Food

It gives them a chance to enjoy the wedding day feast and to trip their light fantastic toes.  They stay, gather and rejoice the special moments together.

Indian NRI Wedding Function

Wedding Centrepieces and Favors- In Indian weddings, wedding tables are decorated with colorful flowers and sophisticated displays which gives a breathtaking view to the wedding. These beautiful centerpieces are used for the wedding reception and cocktail parties to set the mood of the function. According to the Indian culture, all the guests are also given favors to treat them well and to show gratitude for their special presence at the wedding.

Indian NRI Wedding Favors and Centrepieces

So, Indian tradition is still followed in different parts of the world by Non-residential Indians which reflects Indian wedding customs and culture. You can also reconnect to your roots of Indian culture and customs by having an Indian style wedding.

 Happy Wedding!!