A Wedding Invitation is not mere a piece of paper. It reflects the tone of your Nuptial to your Wedding guests. The down to earth designs of Indian Wedding Invitations play a wonderful role  in all types of Weddings. Formal and Elegant Invites with a complimenting Wedding theme and wordings can make your Wedding look unique & grand. It determines the most important part of your ceremony: your family and friends which you want to have there to celebrate your Big Day.

Sorting out the Invites is an amazing task because there’s a decision to be made on everything from Wedding cards wordings to Style of paper you choose.  You should always include information regarding timings, direction, conveyance and accommodation for both ceremony and reception. You can craft your own Wedding Invitations and can frame  your own Wedding Cards Text  with beautiful handwriting. It’s a simple budget saving tip.

Indian Wedding Invites include all kinds of Invitations pertaining to different requirements of different religions. They reflect the creative Wedding Style that the guests are going to observe. Different themes are also mixed in Invitation designing. Different religions in India follow different cultures in marriage as well as in Invitations like:

Indian Wedding Customs

1) Hindu Marriages with religious chants make them more stunning and beautiful. So are the Invitations! They  are designed in an elegant manner with a religious emblem or an image of God or Goddess on the surface of the marriage card. It’s a blend of traditions and rituals . The beautiful traditions of families and culture are honored here. The same lavishness of all the customs are revealed in these Invitations, with love and emotions.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

2) Muslim Marriages are famous for welcoming guests. They strengthen social bond and can take place at any convenient  time . The unique design of Muslim Invitations bear fantastic art work which intensify the passion for treating Wedding as a special event. These cards are skillfully crafted and are also called as ‘Nikah’ cards. They are made using multiple colors and even decorated with jewels.

Muslim Wedding Cards

3) Sikh Weddings known as Anand Karaj signify “blissful union”. They are celebrated with full fun and frolic. The wedding invites in Sikh marriages are colorful and appealing which makes the moment more extraordinary.  They are eye-catching and graceful and are drafted keeping in view the religious and communal requirements of the individual. They form an integral part of the Ceremony and are indispensable.

Punjabi Wedding Cards

4) Christian Weddings are the one in which, couples who marry make a commitment to the Christ as well as to each other. It’s a reflection of couple’s dedication to glory of Jesus Christ. Here, Christian invites  display color and emotion to guests. It’s a perfect way to explain  religious customs as well as fun facts important for bride and groom.

Christian Wedding Invitations

5) Gujarati Weddings are one of the most enticing Weddings in India. They are known for their cuisines, grand ambience and ritualistic concept as they comprise of various “poojas” and traditional customs. The feeling of love and warmth towards guest are reflected in form of Gujarati Kankotri. They offer a glimpse of celebration before your beloved guests. These Invites incorporate in them an artistic work like peacock designs, stylish borders and font styles. Appealing Wedding Cards with ornamental decorations are widely chosen for grand fiesta.

Gujarati Invitations

6) South Indian Weddings, known for their ideal traditions are culturally rich as well. In the same way wedding Invitations are also important to make nuptial traditionally rich. South Indian cards are designed for events like Pallikai, Vratham, Ganpati Puja and many more. Specific Wedding symbols with unique designs  make these nuptials different from others.

South Indian Cards

In a nutshell, Wedding Invitations represent the getting married couple’s personality and also set a tone of the Marriage. Other Wedding Invites which provide rich look to a marriage includes Designer and Scroll Wedding Invitations. They are unique because of their versatile nature and flexibility. They create unique place in the heart of twosome. They can be included in all sorts of Wedding Ceremonies.

Designer Wedding Cards

The  diverse  rituals and traditions followed in Indian Marriages give a feel of a Dream Wedding. Customized Indian Invitations when incorporated with beautiful thoughts and creative artwork can provide a unique character & royal feel to your Wedding.

Scroll Wedding Cards

So what kind of Wedding Invitations will you choose for your marriage! Please share your thoughts & reviews in comments below.

Happy Reading & Sharing!