A far cry from the usual invitation printing processes, foil stamped wedding invitations is a sure way to impress your wedding guests. These wedding invites have gained enough popularity in recent times and couples are incessantly looking for gold and silver foil stamped wedding invites for their weddings. The grace and elegance of these invitations are simply stunning but, lots of people don’t know what actually foil stamping process is and why they are so popular? Well no more! Here is all that you want to know about Hot Foil Stamping Wedding Invitations.

Don’t Know What Actually Foil Stamping Process Is??? Here You’ll Definitely Know…..

With foil stamping printing process, one can create beautiful textures and patterns on any surface. For this metallic colors, which are popularly known as foils are used. The foils are placed on the surface to be printed and then heat is applied, which eventually helps the foil to adhere onto the surface. These foils are available in various colors but metallic hues like gold and silver are quite popular when it comes to wedding invitation.

Why It Catches Eyes of Everyone??

We have already stated that Hot Foil Wedding Invitations are becoming popular but, we have not specified why? Well, there a long list of benefits that make foil printing popular and foil stamped wedding invites too.

  • Any design can stand out with foil stamping.
  • High-end, luxe and elegant patterns are creating with this process.
  • Due to metallic luster and nature, the foils create eye catching effects with surrounding lights.
  • This printing process can make any simple design impactful.
  • Wedding invitations created with this process fits well in any wedding theme.

So, now when you know how Foil Stamped Wedding Invites are created and why they are so popular, it’s time to check out few mesmerizing foil stamped wedding cards that are ideal for your wedding if you are getting anytime soon.

Wooly Orange Galore Gold Foil Invite

Scroll wedding invites are damn gorgeous that every would-be marrying couples lust over and if they are hot foil stamped wedding invitations too, there is nothing more one could ask for. This wooly foil stamped wedding invitation in orange color, golden foil stamping and golden tassel is an ideal option for all the whimsical marriages.

In-Vogue Off-White Silver Foil Stamped Invitation

When someone talk about elegant and classic way of inviting the wedding guests, what could be better than this stunning off-white hot foil stamped wedding invitations? With all the ultimate design aesthetics and skillful craftsmanship, the card has been prepared using matt paper and silver foil stamping to offer you an amazing card.

Shimmery & Stunning Foil Stamped Card

It is difficult to settle on one particular style of wedding cards as the online market offers a vast collection of beautiful wedding invitations but, this enticing Foil Stamped Wedding Invite is something you would instantly pick. Shimmery peacock themed laser cut wedding invite has been prepared using foil stamping process on shimmer paper for an unbeatable charm.

Charming Hot Foil Stamped Pick

You would simply fall in love with this foil Stamped Wedding Card as it is indeed the most beautiful piece in our collection of hot foil stamped wedding invitations. The vibrant hues along with shimmery paper and beautiful hot foiled prints make it even more alluring and amazing, something that you would pick immediately. The best part is that it is high in style and low in price.

Gorgeous Silver Foiled Invitation Card

Perfect for elegant as well as classic wedding themes, this gorgeous off-white colored foil Stamped Wedding Card is a classic way to invite all your wedding guests. The use of fine matt paper, silver foil stamping and beautiful papers make it even more stunning. With ultimate sophistication and aesthetic design detailing, this is something that fits well in all kind of wedding ceremonies.

Paisley Patterned Hot Foiled Stamping Invitation

Set your eyes on this amazingly gorgeous foil stamped wedding invitation with beautiful paisley foil stamped motifs and prints. The stunning colors, fine shimmer paper and reasonable price increase the demand of this wedding invite. With all the exotic designing, it is perfect for elegant, trendy and contemporary weddings.

Damask Themed Foil Stamped Card

Blue is considered the new black for this season and it is going to be huge in upcoming years. For this sole reason, this indigo blue colored Hot Foil Stamping Wedding Invitations is oh-so wonderful. While the damask themed patterns and prints along with shimmer paper is the USP of this wedding card, the designing of this card is something that will attract you immediately.

Floral Foil Stamped Wedding Invites

Floral prints are chic and perfect for everything fashionable hence, it made its way through the wedding invitation market also. This foil stamped wedding invitation prepared on fine tracing paper have floral prints and white color that make it so adorable that you’d love it anyhow.

Green Wooly Scroll Hot Foil Wedding Invitations

When the greenery shade was announced as the pantone color of the year 2017, nobody thought that it will look so stunning in everything. Inspired by this, we designed a green wooly foil stamped wedding card for our collection. Crafted as a royal scroll card, this card is simply stunning.