If the candle light dinners alone seem highly romantic to the couples in love, imagine the level of romance a candle can bring in any dream wedding. We know you have entered a whole new world of wedding decorations with this imagination. To give you a clearer picture of how candles and alternative lighting can glamorise the wedding decor, here are some wonderful wedding decor ideas to boost your imagination.

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You can create wonders on your wedding altar using candle wedding ideas. All you need to do is cluster lot of colourful candles together and they should be placed creatively on your wedding altar to amaze everyone. Other than this, you can line the aisle with hanging candles. However, it is advisable to measure safety distance while doing this or considering LED battery operated candles.

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The cluster of candles can work as illuminating centrepieces as well. Placing candles of varied height on taper holders, wine bottles or mason jars together can create these unique centrepieces for your reception table. Other than this, you use a large bowl full of colourful water and place small candles in it to create a more magical centrepiece. We know you love these wedding decor ideas but, there are more to go.

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If your wedding venue has any sort of water body like swimming pool or fountain, you can illuminate these by placing beautiful illuminated ships in it. These illuminated ships use LED battery operated candles.

If you have planned using a chandelier for your wedding venue, you should opt for a candle chandelier to create a unique ambience. If the owner or your wedding venue does not allow this, you can always opt for LED candles. Other than this, you can create an illuminating canopy in your wedding venue by using string lights all over. This could work well in both indoor and outdoor venues.

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When all the wedding decorations are revolving around candles and alternative lighting, it’s mandatory to have wedding cards lighting as well. The market has a large number of wedding invitations that flaunts lighting in style. Select one for yourself to shade light on your wedding card.

If you have indoor wedding venue, you can rent some glass lanterns to add a whimsical touch in your venue. You can also incorporate coloured alternative lightings to add a wow factor in the wedding venue.

Do you remember, we initially told you about the candle light dinner? How about recreating this for all your wedding guests? Yes, you can do that. All you need to do is to switch off all the lights just before the dinner and light the magical candle centrepieces and numerous other candles to make everyone happy. Best Wedding Inspiration so far? We knew it!

Candle Light Dinner - A2zWeddingCards

For the grand exit, you can always try using the sky lanterns. Your wedding guests would surely love to light the sky lanterns for you.

Try these Wedding Decor Ideas and make your wedding memorable for a lifetime!