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In every culture, wedding and gifts go hand-in-hand and create a soothing effect. The bride and groom who are tying the knot expect to receive lot of gifts, ranging from simple well-wishes to cash to other items. As,  gift-giving is a tradition since medieval period , so couples should plan on spending some time writing thank-you notes to express gratitude to the people who have send them gift.

So, now after getting the gifts it becomes necessary for the couples to send Thank you cards written in well manner and directing to the people who have send them the gifts and attended their wedding. Nowadays, many couples prefer to order thank-you cards along with the main marriage cards. By ordering these cards it solves one purpose and i.e. the paper, font and style match the original invitation cards. Along with this it makes possible to have less expensive cards as the order goes as a package.

In market, various types of designs and colors are available for Thank you cards which can be customized according to the wedding theme and requirement. But, it is also important to keep in mind the price of the card while selecting beautiful thank-you cards.

As per the tradition, thank-you cards are sending across to all the people who have contributed in some part to the wedding.  The Thank you list must include those who have attended the wedding and have sent the gift to congratulate you on your big day.

wedding invitations, wedding cards, indian wedding cards, wedding invitation cards

Here are some other guidelines to follow while sending Thank you cards for your wedding ceremony:-

  1. You can mail out a handwritten note to each and every person being thanked in it.
  2. It is advisable not to use form letters or pre-printed cards to which you simply add your signature because it lacks creativity.
  3. It is necessary to be sincere in your messages and thank in a proper manner to those who have send you the gift.
  4. It is appreciated to promptly respond to gifts that were received through the mail so the giver knows they arrived in time.
    a2z wedding invitations, wedding cards, indian wedding cards, wedding invitation cards
  5. Please don’t mention that you plan to return a gift or exchange it in future.
  6. It is optional to mention the amount of a monetary gift, but it does confirm to the giver that the right amount was received or not.
  7. A big or mass thank-you posted on social media is not adequate at all.
  8. Please don’t exclude yourself from sending the Thank you cards to all the guests.

So, select or prepare Thank you cards to make your wedding impeccable and outstanding for lifetime.