Wedding is the most anticipated event for one’s life and there are numerous ideas by which this day could be praised. Couples make many advance plans for celebrating their exceptional event. One new thought which is really in great trend nowadays, is an Eco-friendly wedding as this is less harmful to nature and very cost-effective.

This thought might not attract all the couples, who are getting married as it gives an alternate feeling inside our heart and soul. A great deal of alternatives are available for these sort of weddings too. The below mentioned things which need to be arranged, a list of some imperative ones is specified here to make wedding eco-friendly:-

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  • Wedding Dress – It plays an extremely critical part on this event particularly for the groom and the bride. There are various types of dresses are available in the market however, an Eco-friendly dress, for example, bamboo fabric is bit troublesome to get and not all that effortlessly available. The alternatives one can consider are silk and cotton. These are easily available in different varieties. All your loved and dear ones can likewise select this type of fabric for your wedding.
  • Venue Decoration– The second thing which assumes a critical part is the ambiance of your wedding venue, utilize little and hanging flower pots for this reason as these will give an awesome look and might be reused after the event. For the center tables utilize little pots having exquisite flowers like orange, pink, yellow, and red, these will give a new look to the venue. Indeed the little bamboo in pots could be given as a wedding gift to all the guests.

a2z wedding cards, Eco-friendly wedding, Green Wedding

  • Flowers – It is constantly great to decide on blossoms which are available locally as these won’t lose their freshness because of transportation and are cost effective as well. One can likewise pick fabric blossoms a product of silk and cotton material as these could be effectively reused and are Eco-friendly as well.
  • Wedding Cards – The first thing which gives a thought for this Eco-friendly wedding idea is the wedding invites. The material utilized can be recycled paper or handmade paper as these are for one time usability. You can also use precious gem stones or ornaments to make them more beautiful.
  • Wedding food menu – There are numerous alternatives which are accessible for organic food items. The raw material which is effortlessly available near your marriage venue ought to be utilized as this will be fresher and will be effectively accessible on demand, yet verify that your caterer is agreeable with the same.

Hence, by following the above mentioned tips, you can make your wedding less exorbitant and simple to manage the whole function wedding as all the game plans will be carried out from the items available locally. Choosing a wedding like this will additionally motivate others to arrange their wedding in the same manner. So, add an extra happiness to the most auspicious day of life by making it Eco-friendly.