Have you ever been to a Hindu wedding which is full of traditions and colors, if not then you have missed something very significant in your life. The Hindu culture gives vital significance to matrimonial celebration and it is not just seen as mingling of two human hindu wedding cards, hindu wedding invitations, hindu cardsbeings rather it is seen as the amalgamation of two families with same culture and ethics. It is a family oriented event and continuous more than 2 to 3 days. It symbolizes harmony, happiness and excitement on the faces of the family which is getting joined or amalgamated. In Hindu marriage, guests are given the status of God and without them the whole event is considered unsuccessful. So, to invite them the best medium is marriage invitation card. Printing invitation card is seen as the first step in planning the whole affair. The invitation card in Hindu culture is also known as “NimantranPatrika” and it is send across to inform as well invite the presence of the guests for this marvelous festivity.So, after giving a background about   the whole Hindu wedding and invitation, it will be easier for you to understand now, how Hindu marriage invitation cards are exquisite and what makes them so special. Firstly, the invitation cards are either single sided or double sided with beautiful designs and textures. Secondly, in these invitation cards colors such red, orange, yellow are frequently used which distinguishes them from cards of other religions.

Thirdly, the marriage in Hindu culture is very traditional, so the same is reflected in invitations as these are designed like a scroll or leaf with full of conventional designs. Fourthly, Hindus are very religious and for them the matrimonial affair is toned with religious values. In the invitations symbols like Lord Ganesha, Kalsh, and Swastika are used to symbolize it as a religious affair. Fifthly, The Hindu marriage cards are embellished with Kundans, gem stones and other precious stones to make them more attractive and fantastic.

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Sixthly, the invitation card contains all the basic information like venue, date and names of the bride and groom along with their parent’s name. These cards are also often cherished by the family members and are consigned for safekeeping. Seventhly, these cards are the everlasting reminders of this beautiful celebration and are shared by all the family members with glee and mirth.

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So, the above mentioned points suggest what makes Hindu wedding & their invitation cards so exquisite and special. So, unfurl the magical moments with beautifully handcrafted cards from a2zweddingcards.com.