There is no need to look further for wedding themes if you want to have a fun-filled fall wedding or Halloween weddings. Why? Because we have the amazing Masquerade wedding ideas for you. You can have blind faith on us as this is one of the most elegant wedding themes and it will amuse all your wedding guests. With dark colour palettes, mysteriously designed wedding cards, a masquerade ball, and classy masks, this theme for your wedding is the liveliest one. And, we will give you all those details about the Masquerade wedding theme.

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What Should Wear in Masquerade Themed Wedding

When the name of the theme is the masquerade, it rightly explains that mysterious masks are an integral part of this wedding. If you want to have of one the dark weddings, you can opt for black lace masks or black masquerade masks.

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While the bride is supposed to wear white, the bridesmaid could wear black dresses with black Victorian bustle jacket.  The bride could add black color in her mask and makeup.

The groom can add the aura of dark weddings by simply wearing a black suit with black mask. The groomsmen can try the Victorian aristocratic vest with white shirt and black pants to give a contrasting aura.

Magical Ways to Decorate

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Generally, the masks for this wedding theme have feathers to give extra glamour to the one wearing it. The use of feathers in the decoration is one of the brilliant masquerade wedding ideas. You can use feathers in the centerpieces, as a marker for wedding guest book and lot more.

The mystical wedding theme is indeed highly alluring as it provides ample fun for your wedding guests to guess who is underneath the mask. You can make it more interesting by adding photo booths with swords and a wide range of masks and other mysterious props. Adding candlelight at the photo booth will be an added embellishment.

So, you have planned to organize a masquerade ball in your wedding. Make sure that your entire wedding guest wears the masks. And, the music should be mysterious enough to make sure that no one is able to leave the dance floor at all.

Masquerade as the Cake Topper

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Our wedding inspirations also suggest you make sure that your wedding cake too has the masquerade appeal on the icing. A simple white cake with black dots and a mask as the cake topper is perfect.

For an Ideal Masquerade Themes wedding, you should make sure that your wedding cards should also have that feel. The wedding cards market offer a wide range of mysterious cards with the pattern of the mask to match your theme. In case you don’t find something ready made to match –up, you can customize your wedding cards.

There are various masquerade wedding ideas that could be used in an elegant manner to create wonders for your wedding. No matter which wedding inspirations you opt for, this masquerade wedding theme will create a lifetime memory for you.