“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in rain.”

Rainy Day Wedding A2zWeddingCards

The fear of getting wet on the wedding day scares all of us. And if the rain has started pouring before a day or two of your wedding, the fear multiplies like a virus then. The dependency on weather is probably the worst part of an outdoor wedding but again it has its own fun when your hearts are childlike and adventurous. Be prepared for the worst and plan your Rainy Day Wedding accordingly. Here are a few things you can do to get the best even when the situation has gone against you:

  • If the weather forecast has declared possibilities of rain on your wedding day (cant you change the date?), then it would be wise to send a separate wedding card communicating the Plan B for the day. List the alternate location, alternate dress code and everything that you can think of.
  • Often the guests have list of tantrums, you might try your best to keep the situation light and under control but they will be busy in pointing out the faults in your wedding. So it’s seriously very important to keep such guests mentally prepared for the day.
  • Go filmy! Arrange some cool umbrellas and get photo ready. It’s always a fun to pose in front of camera along with cool umbrellas and of course, super romantic weather. Just see and feel the raindrops blessing you while you deliver your vows. How amazing!
  • Do not forget to keep the props ready for the Rainy Day Wedding photo shoot. Your checklist should contain a chalkboard, balloons, a plastic sheet and of course not to mention Umbrellas!
  • Reserve a tent to meet out any possible contingencies of the Rainy Day Wedding. This will give you an assurance and confidence that you are secured no matter how rude the weather may get. Contact your wedding planner about the same.
  • Consider the Bridal beauty, a worn off make up will bring blackened face in the photographs and who will ever want that? Use only water proof make up and get rid of the face and make up worries. Dance, jump, splash out the rain water and get wonderful photographs exhibiting the best of you.
  • No high heels will survive in the mud! Wear wellington boots (get some extra for your bridesmaids as well). What more? Hold your bride’s gown up and pose confidently, don’t worry these boot are also looking cool and funky. Above all, they are truly comfortable.

Feel the rain fully and enjoy the splashes of water on your Rainy Wedding Day. Wish you a happy and cheerful wedding dear!