In this dynamic world, Nations change and people too, due to this reason a large number of Indian families are living abroad in different parts of the world. These families hold wedding ceremony outside India, or sometimes come back to India to celebrate it. Having matrimonial function in own country provides a very ethnic as well as adds cultural touch to the whole event. Friends and relatives come along with other guests and enjoy the whole function together with loads of fun, glee and happiness.

They stay with bride and groom for many days before the marriage. At the same time, every day is of excitement, which includes dance, songs, and performing of various cultural rituals. This is surely missed if the wedding takes place abroad. This is one of the main reasons that NRI people prefer to come to India for celebrating the event. All these people have very limited time to make all the arrangements, starting from booking the venue, arranging food caterers, preparing the list of invitees and most significantly selecting a wedding invitation card.

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Invitation cards are considered as the best medium to invite guests and friends to the function, hence cards needs to be arranged well in advance, because it needs to mailed or handed over to guest personally. Well, there are two methods by which you can order and get the cards printed.

Firstly, ordering and getting cards printed from a stationary card printing company. However, in case you are settled aboard than this choice is not feasible, because it needs the customer to visit the store personally for ordering, collecting and making the payment for the wedding invitation cards. At the same time, the varieties of cards available are limited.

Secondly and the best option is ordering wedding invites from an online wedding card portal. These wedding card manufacturers are specialized in Indian Wedding Cards, so you get a better opportunity to go through different variety of cards based on your religion and traditions.

All these invitations are designed taking into account the culture and tradition of the particular religion. In case of Hindu Wedding Invitations, symbol of Lord Ganesha along with the symbol of swastika, which is regarded as an auspicious sign in Hindu religion is used.

For Sikh wedding function, cards reflect flamboyant style, so the Sikh Wedding Invitations are very special and stylish. These marriage invites are available in a variety of eye catching colors and are adorned with gemstones and Kundans. These cards also contain religious sayings from Holy Guru Granth Sahib.

Muslim wedding invitations reflect the Mughal art and the cards have beautiful designs of leaves, peacock, domes, feathers and lots of intricate designs. At the same time, these wedding invites contain beautiful verses or poetry from Holy Quran.

In order to make these wedding cards high quality velvet, satin, silk, metallic and handmade papers are used. Hence, A2Zweddingcards will be an impeccable choice for you to conveniently buy cards with lot of ease along with guaranteed & timely delivery of wedding invites all across the globe.