“Pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.”

Gussy up the ambience on your wedding day with pearls and oysters! The theme itself is a royal treat for everyone. Who wouldn’t like to be a part of such majestic wedding theme? And for sure if I would have been invited for this Oyster and Pearl wedding, there would have been no single reason to decline the tantalizing offer. A single necklace made of pearls contributes in adding oodles of confidence to your personality. Just imagine how many wonders can happen when the whole wedding is decked up in pearl and oysters? There is a lot that can be done with pearls and oysters! Look around and you shall find opportunities and scopes for these magnificent elements. And if it is a beach themed wedding, you can definitely make the best use of the theme. Here are a few ideas for incorporating pearls and oysters in your wedding:

Oyster Pearl Wedding Decor-A2zWeddingCards

Why to think of any other gem when you have pearl/s in your wedding? Pearl engagement ring looks splendid and will imbibe aristocracies to the whole event. Pearl engagement rings have been ruling the jewelry showrooms since ages and now it’s your time to bring it on your wedding.

Oyster Pearl Wedding Accessories-A2zWeddingCards

A lofty and resplendent Wedding invitation card is now a must to reflect the extravagance that shall be witnessed on your wedding. Royal Designer Invitations in shades on sand or blue is a also good idea to head on with for your pearl and oyster wedding.

Designer Wedding Invitations-A2zWeddingCards

For the Bridal attire, wear a white gown embedded with some pearls either on the front in top or on the back. Don’t leave your neck undone! Dress it up with a pearl necklace and spread radiance wherever you go. An oyster headpiece can be a great idea, ask your hairstylist what can be done about it, I am sure you will come out with something unique and creative. Carry a Pearl Bridal Clutch while you walk down the aisle. Of course your footwear too will have pearls! These small detailing earmarks a great impact on your big day.

Bridal Attire-A2zWeddingCards

Flaunt your feminineness and delicacy by holding a gentle bouquet incorporated with pink roses and pearls. Also consider using a Seashell bouquet with soft feathers for your D-Day. Both are going to look stunning, pick anyone!

Oyster Pearl Wedding Decor-A2zWeddingCards

Yes, we know you are the queen on your wedding day; still we have a bit of DIY for your wedding. For the décor, the oyster shells can be converted into mini lamps by fixing wax and a cotton taper into it. Light them up in a row and see the magic it creates! If you have a good handwriting (or else butter any of your friends) and write the name of you two on a big oyster or sea shell, it will work as an amazing centerpiece for your décor. Shop around and buy a beautiful pearl chandelier for your day. Yeah, I know it isn’t that easy to find one, you can use the internet and hammer the deal.

The Wedding cake too should align with the theme; get a tiered wedding cake engraved with pearls and oysters. One layer of pearls and one of oysters something like this, what say?

Oyster Pearl Wedding Cake - A2zWeddingCards

So put on your crown and get ready to celebrate a king size wedding! All the best majesty….